New Zealand’s Water – Don’t Drink it or Swim in it. Twitter Users Have Their Say

10 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Water – Don’t Drink it or Swim in it. Twitter Users Have Their Say

  1. I noticed an article in the NZ Herald where the author acknowledged the appalling water quality situation in the country. However he couldn’t resist the claim that it’s worse in Australia, it isn’t.
    I wonder if Kiwi journalists are paid a bonus if they insert some Australia-bashing in their articles.
    They should concentrate on their domestic problems rather than waste time rubbishing other countries.

  2. More raw reality truth from News channel Al Jazeera ..ZIKA VIRUS HAS ARRIVED IN NEW ZEALAND ! could it explain the illness we have been experiencing for the past months ? I don’t even want to know. My best medicine is to leave new Zealand and get some fresh water and food virus in an first world country ! Good luck to all

    • Yes good idea to leave N.Z ,the lunatics have taken over the asylum.I have been back here almost three years and have now firmly decided to leave before next winter,there is no future here nothing will change,there’s very little good or positive about N.Z ,I have been fortunate to have gained a comfortable nest egg(not in N.Z) ,money can not protect a person from the stupidity of this place,I have a business plan for an Asian country and intend to never come back here,I no longer care about one day maybe collecting a pension here as I have seen people get swindled out of even this ,I think it’s better just to put this horror of a country in the review mirror and go to a place where life is cherished and lived in a more meaningful way.

    • Im sorry my friend but there was nothing in that video that said anything about Zika arriving in NZ. The mosquitos that (supposedly) transmit the virus dont even live in NZ.

  3. my husband and I cannot drink the water in Christchurch anymore because we will get very ill if we do . I have been continuous ill for about two months now and am on filter water now. Have never been so ill in my whole life my body almost rejects everything here even the food. I can only have things from the organic store now and even with that i struggle. Never had health issues in my whole life. living in an cold damp home during winter time didn’t improve things either… It got so bad that I though I had to go to hospital but at one point I sweat the whole virus out during one night.. be very care full ya’ll !!

    • I have lived in Christchurch almost all my 58 years so I feel qualified to comment on this. I remember when you could swim in the Avon, and drink it’s water – in fact I have done both many years ago. In the past few years though, I have found the need to switch to bottled water for myself and my pets. I have noticed a significant change for the better, in my health. We now know that Christchurch water has been contaminated 125 times in 4 years with E-Coli. The days of safe, clean drinking and swimming water in New Zealand are over.

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