This is What ‘Predator Free New Zealand’ Looks Like

A video of the results of a recent large scale drop of 1080 bait near Lake Taupo.

“people are drawing their water from this creek”…
people are drawing their water from these creeks

and deer carcasses litter the landscape…

1080 drop at lake taupo

poisoned carcasses are left to decompose in streams. The bodies are toxic and can kill…

animals left to decompose in the forest

20 species of native birds feed on the pellets, and another 20 species feed on insect poisoned by 1080. Can you hear any bird song in the video? that shows how effective this poison is.

20 species of native birds eat the bait directly

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1080 is aerially dropped both near farms as well as remote bush. This video documents impact of 1080 on a New Zealand farm.


13 thoughts on “This is What ‘Predator Free New Zealand’ Looks Like

  1. Silly foreigners! 1080 isn’t poison, it’s high energy, nutritious food pellets to help see our beloved wildlife through the winter…

  2. I used to love NZ dearly. One of the things I used to be proud with, was what I naively considered high standard animal welfare! Their SPCA was founded some 130 years ago by a selfless British priest, who died broke in prison because of SPCA incurred debt. Only if he knew what would become of this God forbidden place! Their SPCA has high profile lawyers working for them pro bono, prosecuting animal abusers. Nothing wrong with that of course, but when they praise themselves for convicting successfully some POS who neglected their dog for a few months but turn blind eye on government criminal activities (mass poisoning sentient animals), that is pure hypocrisy at its worst.

    I didn’t want to hate New Zealand but I do now. I tried for years very hard to fit in, to stay positive, to contribute, but no matter what I do, I can’t win. I am always the one who ends up screwed.

    The cruelty to the animals: wild, lab animals and the so called livestock, pains me and makes me sick. It’s big issue for me. The cruelty to people in disadvantaged situations is another big turn of. It is a sick society that accepts as normal bashing the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, the low paid working members. To label people as “underclass”!

    I have emotionally disconnected myself from this country and its people. The next logical step is only a matter of time.

  3. I suggest mixing the 1080 with methamphetamine and use helicopters to drop unlimited quantities over urban areas throughout the country ,should sort out a lot of problems quick smart and have little or no impact on the countries tax revenues.

  4. Interesting ,the T.V One morning News today ran a story about New Zealand research being applied to save endangered Rhinos ,so much easier to point the finger at others when we can’t even control our own governments programme of environemental terrorism in N.Z

    • Yes but if you really want to make money invest in a company which makes home security systems ,the government is on a mission to investigate every new home burglary ,the police are patting themselves on the back because although burglaries are up 30% in two years nation wide the rate is not increasing in Auckland,the reason for this is nothing to do with police work ,people now leave their homes in shifts always ensuring someone is home.
      I employ young staff and receive lots of information I would rather not hear ,the truth is that the escalating crime in N.Z is nothing more than a symptom of a greater problem,it’s called methamphetamine and it’s an epidemic which is out of control,every time I return home I expect to have been burgled ,it hasn’t happened yet however someone in my community recently had his house burgled while he was in hospital,they stole every thing they wanted and then burnt his house to the ground ,the thieves were all 15 years old so they just got a damn good telling off!!
      I’m sure they have robbed many more houses since.

  5. It’s just not even a shock that this is happening in N.Z ,nothing in this country makes sense,poisoning our own food and drinking water is normal behaviour here in the land of the 100% apathetic imbeciles .It only makes sense that N.Z KiwiSaver funds are legally invested in companies which manufacture and distribute cluster bombs and land mines ,N.Z hates things which live .Nothing will stop these people dropping poison on our forests and streams as this would be an admission of wrongdoing ,kiwis don’t admit that they are wrong .This is why Hobbits have extra toes.

  6. Well it’s difficult to judge these things without a politically connected friend who can set up a consultancy company and charge the taxpayer 10 million dollars to discover that there is some evidence that a small number of non target species are at times adversely effected by the introduction of non organic rodent repellents added to the ecosystem .

  7. Here we have any government that will prosecute any individual or company for cruelty to any animal.
    Here the New Zealand government contradict to the new Zealand public and they been doing it for years
    since 1964 of poisoning rats, mice, stoats and rabbits, and then possums deer and farmers stock i.e. sheep and cows.
    It’s about time the people of New Zealand start applying pressure to ban this product into the country and force the New Zealand to ask the people on the land what other alternatives, instead of using 1080 poison.
    It’s now a fact and it’s been videoed on footage that the other wild life that inhabit the national park is also been exposed to 1080 poison.
    1 Why isn’t New Zealand government not listening to the people.
    2 Class action against those in charge of those departments
    3 Total Ban on 1080 poison fill stop.
    4 Farmers should take those in change of making the decision to use 1080 to court.
    5 What is it in for the government and any other parties involved getting from using 1080 poison by the
    company that supplies this poison.
    6 Take it out of the hands of the New Zealand government to a higher court outside of New Zealand.
    7 Who is behind this they need to be exposures.
    8 Start a petition not limiting just to New Zealand world wide to get full exposure.
    Enclosing I’m New Zealand born & breed and when they say New Zealand is pure, there is hidden side of
    New Zealand that now getting expose to inform the world we are far from what we are saying & telling the
    world 1 Integrity 2 Transparent, 3 Royal commission, 4 Ban 1080 5 Alternatives.

    • Sorry but this is New Zealand. The local population are not going to lift a finger. It will take action from overseas to stop the use of 1080.

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