It’s Getting Weirder and Weirder in New Zealand

cocaine party in NZ school

Kids, don’t try this at home

Two recently published Guardian newspaper articles show how down-right weird New Zealand has become.

The first quotes Prime Minister Key (famous for his prison soap and ponytail capers) lambasting his fellow countrymen for being lazy stoners. Apparently, thousands of migrants are flooding in (mostly from China and India) while 200,000 locals kick-back and toke-up.

lazy stoners

The second article is wrong on so many levels – from a primary school fundraiser promoting cocaine use, to the country’s health minister having to deny claims he ‘inhaled’ fake cocaine at the event…

cocaine in schools in nz

coke at school

An anonymous source said there were numerous photos on social media of parents pretending to snort cocaine, including photos posted by teachers of the school. “This school has parents who are ministers of the current government, are health professionals, teachers, lawyers, police and so on,” the source said.

Fox said the school had held a fundraising ball every year for the last seven years. It had never received a complaint regarding inappropriate props before and the event normally raised upwards of $20,000. NZ Herald

Ironically, Northcote Primary School is in an area very popular with migrant families.

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46 thoughts on “It’s Getting Weirder and Weirder in New Zealand

  1. Re: Best Dressed Possum Competition

    Quite creepy – in fact very creepy! Yet there are many kiwis out there who would see nothing wrong with this – they would simply view it as entertainment – maybe even high culture (forgive the pun!) – and they would more than likely use the term ‘hard case’ to describe it (which in kiwi-speak means funny or humorous).

    To those outside the kiwi realm (i.e. the majority of the civilised world) it would however surely smack of gross hygiene, exploitation, violence, and potential animal cruelty (there is no mention of the method employed to kill the possums).

    The country of my birth never ceases to amaze me…

    • Yossarian,

      It’s rather creepy from an Australian perspective, possums are regarded as cute if sometimes annoying little critters. I wonder if the weird attitude is a result of the fact that NZ is very unusual because it has almost no native wildlife. Animals are either ‘pests’ or livestock.

      • Yes, Russell, I agree. When you live in a ‘farmyard’ (as New Zealand still largely is) you can only but look upon animals in very simple terms – you either eradicate them (pests) or fatten them up/milk them (livestock).

        The complete absence of indigenous land mammals here (other than native bats – which incidentally I have never ever seen) does not really call for a greater human appreciation and understanding of ‘wildlife’ – simply because there is none!

        As for the unique New Zealand birdlife we so often hear about – there are many species which I have never seen and probably never will – despite the fact that I get around the countryside on a very regular basis. Many have been marginalised on the mainland and some exist only on off-shore islands. I would therefore be interested to know how many New Zealanders have never actually seen a kiwi…

  2. why get upset? Mix only with non kiwis. Open your own business and employ non kiwis Asian stores have goods and food which is much cheaper. There are good immigrant tradesmen who do better work at cheaper prices. Of course you need to live in Auckland wellington or Christchurch to be able to find reasonable numbers of migrants to work with.
    The Kiwis are a failed race and are doomed to extinction if they do not change their ways. Like the dodo.

  3. Good comments there Millicent. Over the years I have lived in quite a few small towns so have certainly experienced the chronic drinking, the defensive and aggressive attitude of the people, the boredom, and the post-1980s economic dilapidation. When you drive into the majority of these towns they appear ‘vacant’ and devoid of all human activity. Non-descript houses with big bare windows staring out at the street. Many not looking as if they are even lived in (when in fact they are). At night you may see a solitary single bulb burning in a backroom and the blue of a television screen! Then there is the green desert of number 8 wire and exotic pine trees which surrounds the towns… Plus it rains a lot and is often windy (not that I mind that – but the propagandists would have you believe otherwise).

    Trying to connect with people in this type of environment is hard. A large percentage of people have nothing to talk about – aside from rugby and malicious gossip. They simply have no sense of humour and totally lack the ability to laugh at themselves. Parts of the UK are equally as depressed – yet the Brits seem able to laugh at their own problems and shortcomings – whereas New Zealanders more often than not take grave offence if you even make the slightest hint that their country might be heading down the gurgler. I think this is why the Brits are so good at comedy, satire, and parody – they simply have to be in order to survive a typical British winter – let alone an economic recession – and I truly admire them for that. It is therefore not surprising that one of the few NZ comedians who succeeded in satirizing stereotypical kiwis (the late Billy T. James) often received death threats.

    In the mid-1990s the film “Once Were Warriors” saw a wave of revulsion sweep through the self-styled ruling class in my hometown. They simply denied it to be a true picture of what was (and is) happening in their own country. ‘Denial’ seems to be something of a recurring theme here…

    • I accidentally hit a cat that ran out infront of my car at 7:30pm one Friday night on my way to work as I left the street where my house was, and I was certain I had killed it. I got out of my car and looked under and around my car with my cellphone flash light and could not see the cat anywhere. It had obviously taken a nasty knock and legged it.

      Well, being the decent person I was, i went to knock on the nearest house to let them know whoever owned a white cat that I had hit it with my car and could you check your cats for injuries. Well as you mentioned Yossarian, the houses were barely lit, and the two houses that i knocked on, no one bothered to answer thew door so i bloody gave up.

      7:30pm and people are in bed on a Friday night lol.

    • Id go as far as to say that ”DENIAL” is the latest Trend in N.Z, if not already deeply embedded in the Kiwi psyche, over whats transpired in this social, cultural , spiritual & moral wasteland over the last 30 odd years.

  4. I praise the website owner for making this website exist. There is lots of fascist fanatics here in New Zealand who would prefer no one spoke their minds. Thanks again, I will continue to read.

  5. Also don’t ever go to a Kiwi Dr for anything ,they just don’t give a fuck about your health or well being ,go to see a foreign born person if you can ,don’t go to see a South African as they are as useless as Kiwis.

  6. More would get done about the shit state of affairs in New Zealand if the majority of Kiwis actually gave a shit!!! But it seems they are too thick to even recognise what a deplorable hell hole they are living in. Proud to be slumming it and scavenging for a sub-human life style, suck it up bro and keep that Stockholm syndrome in place!

    Complaining alerts other kiwis to your ‘weakness’ and you are ostracised.

    I’ve notice the desperate rush to fight to be first to everything…must get a pie from the pie counter at BP petrol station before that other guy, I must win and be first.

    Fuck this place.

    • Yes it’s surely more of an existence than a lifestyle ,paying a premium price for cheap ass sh@t is the norm.I believe the acc system is just a convenient way to avoid paying a realistic sum to victims of criminal negligence and unsafe work and housing conditions such as those you mention,payouts rarely even come close to compensating victims for anything other than the cup of noodles they ate for six months after they were injured.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The “gotta be first” thing is a national obsession. Get in a line of traffic and you can experience it first hand! In fact an overseas friend who was visiting several years ago said in NZ we would be better to call it “sodomising” not driving!

      Not that long ago in my current workplace a somewhat pain-in-the-arse colleague bailed me up in the lunch canteen and accused me of holding her up as she attempted to drive home the previous afternoon. “I got stuck behind you!” she proclaimed, “I just wanted to get home!” For a start I thought she was merely joking – but no – she was deadly serious! The reality however was I had never even had my car at work the previous day (I was car pooling with another colleague at the time) – but imagine even bringing that up? I mean to say – is that all she has got in her miserable life? The mind boggles… Sadly that mentality is however not unique to the woman in question.

      The supermarket is the same. People fighting over the last container of milk in the fridge (the poor young assistant can’t even unload their trolley to restock) and then it’s a race to the checkout! Also very few customers yield to the foot traffic coming the other way at the exit-entry point. I’ve lost count of how many people have walked into me – and I don’t mean a slight walking into – they’ve been full frontal attacks!

      My former workplace also suffered from the same obsession. At the end of the shift people were walking out the door before I had even got back to the locker room to shower and change. I remember a rather naïve (but very genuine) new colleague whispering to me one day that “Not many people here have showers do they?” “No,” I said, “They’re too busy rushing home to their gold palaces!” The reality however is probably more along the lines that they just “don’t” shower…

      • Yes to sodomizing other drivers excellent,they are always up the ass of the person in front,the supermarket experience is a global phenomenon with friends from the Phillipines still telling me about their experience with pushy arrogant N.Z assholes in the supermarket during their father came to visit me in the States and we had to walk with him to stop him walking directly at people swinging his arms like a lunatic,very embarrassing but necessary to avoid him being killed.

        • Believe it possibly does. It could also account for the appalling family violence and child abuse in NZ. Many kiwis go beyond seeing rugby as a mere game. It has become almost gladiatorial in nature. Win at all costs, etc. In my experience that violent streak has always been there. I played rugby as a teenager (until I was about 18). I then chucked it in as one day I was watching a senior club game from the side line when suddenly (for no apparent reason) one of the players from the opposing team came charging at me from the field of play (which was on the other side of the field at the time) and bowled me over! I never even had time to brace myself and ended up with cracked ribs. There was however no sympathy for me from my fellow spectators or the match officials. I remember being told I was an idiot and that I should have kept out of the line of play. In my own defence – it was pretty hard not to – especially when it was on the other side of the field! While I don’t consider myself scarred by the incident in any way – you would however have to wonder why the culprit (a fully grown man) would behave in such a way towards a harmless teenage boy! Pretty fucked up really. Not what I would call sportsmanship in any shape or form….

        • on nights when the All Black loose domestic violence calls to the Police and beds in the womans refuge quadruple over the already appalling number they are now.

          I can’t stand rugby, but I always hope they win if only to spare innocents the abuse that follows.

      • I’ve mentioned many times on E2NZ how much I absolutely loathe driving in my car here. I can not stomach Kiwi drivers without getting into a rage. Sodomizing is their favourite road hobby.

        Christchurch is even worse now. They run about like rats.

  7. Regrettably, I agree with Key on his conclusion about the Kiwis’ work ethics/lack of it and that most can’t pass the drug test. And when the PM of a country admits it publicly, that is very good indication of society’s sorry state.

    • However after running this tiny Island nation for the past 8 years Mr Key speaks of this as though it just happened by itself,drug and alcohol abuse in N.Z is the symptom ,Mr Keys government have allowed rents and house prices to soar to unrealistic levels,food and utility prices are outrageously expensive and workers rights have gone out the window under his direction,crime is now at record levels and N.Z suicide rates are higher than the national road toll.Strangely the Key govt spends a fortune on road policing and stupid campaigns aimed at cutting the road toll while refusing to fund the suicide hotline services.This should be called a lunatic asylum not a country and its being run by moronic lunatic idiots.

  8. As I write it is pissing down outside and the sewage is washing up on the beach. The dead dairy cow carcases are floating down the river and the unregistered unwarranted 1980s heap-of-shit Japanese import is doing burnouts outside the unmanned small town police station… Shortly the real housewives of Aotearoa will be gathering in the post office car park to smoke pot. Nearly all are grandmothers and they are not yet 40 (I should also mention there is actually no longer any post office – it closed down nearly 30 years ago). The centre of town is however very picture-postcard. I envisage it to be quite reminiscent of spring time in the housing estates of Pyongyang…
    Previously (according to Aunty Paula Bennett) the people here were oh so happy… “Go Kiwi!” “Go the All Blacks!” So why did the Prime Minister have to spoil everything by putting his foot in it and saying we are all too lazy and drugged-up to fill the many job vacancies in the region?
    Incidentally – welcome to my hometown! Without a sense of humour you will go mad here! Life can be bloody lonely and hard in an environment such as this. Having travelled extensively (and worked) overseas I do know such socio-economic depravity is not unique to New Zealand but in other western nations the disaffected and dispossessed have not woven themselves right into the very fabric of society and become the dominant culture as they have in this country – nor is their very existence denied like it is in New Zealand.
    Why don’t I leave? Escape is not really an option for me personally but luckily I do seem to have inherited a grittiness and determination from my parents who grew up in Europe during the war years and emigrated here for a better life. In my own personal experience life here in New Zealand was actually “better” right up until the early-1980s. I first visited Europe in the late 1960s (as a child) and was able to compare my lifestyle to that of my cousins – and took a second trip (as a teenager) in the mid-1970s. This childhood comparison was based around choice of/access to outdoor pursuits, material assets, standard of education and health care, ability to walk the streets after dark, choice of future career, and the expectation that one day I would own my own slice of the pavlova paradise (house and quarter-acre section).
    Times have however WAY changed since then and nowadays I would NEVER use the word “better” to describe anything about New Zealand.

    • What really takes the cake is that the democratically elected leader of this country ,The right Honourable Mr John Key,called the citizens of the nation he presides over a bunch of lazy drugged out losers and nobody seemed to raise an eyebrow.

      • Just helped a friend and her kid move into a new upstairs flat here in Christchurch…fuck me, what a sick joke this country is. The bathtub is absolutely munted inside, shit coming off the bottom, peeling away, the front sliding door wobbles as you open and close it and looks like it will collapse at any time, the lock is shoddy and fucked. The outside light doesn’t work, so at night time you can’t see a damn thing and could easily fall down the concrete steps and break your neck. The wooden railing outside to stop you from falling off is utterly weak and compromised, and rotting!!!! I leant on it and tested it and it moved with ease and i see the flat down below have a satellite dish attached just underneath to it, so if the railing collapses, the satellite dish will fall too. The woman in the flat downstairs has a young kid, what if it collapses one day and kills them?

        No one gives a flying fuck!!! ‘She’ll be right mate until someone gets seriously hurt of contracts a nasty infection from dirty as fuck rental properties’.

        The flat obviously hasn’t been cleaned from the previous tenants. There are pubic hairs and other nasty shit in the bathtub and on the walls.

        I’ve seen this bullshit in almost EVERY rental property ive been too. In the UK you wouldn’t even be allowed to rent out such death trap dives.

        Also, the shower is like standing under a watering can, (we tested it) and the kitchen sink hot tap is but a pathetic dribble.

        This friend is a Kiwi and accepts this bullshit as a normal thing here in NZ and dares not to challenge or complain to/about the scum bag pieces of shit who rents the place out. A real estate company none the less!!!! I also told her not to drink water from the tap and she doesn’t care… gulped down a glass of nice fresh christchurch water…christ…dont come running to me when you have e-coli love!

        Done the best i can for this friend for the time being- taken pics of all the bullshit and reported it to the tenancy tribunal as i know the score with these conniving bastard real estate/private landlords. They will pin all the damage on YOU the tenant when its obvious this shithole has been like this for quite some time. You wil lend up paying for the upkeep and no. 8 wire repairs with your deposit (bond) sunshine. Dont let it happen!!!

        Still amazed these wankers get away with renting out hovels like this. I’d love to kick the living shit out of them all i really would.

        When i walked into this this flat for the first time, it was like walking into a flat from 1990 that had never been repaired/looked after since.

        Anyone else experienced this bollocks?

      • sadly- we do.

        even stranger its the first bit of truth out of the mouth of a politician since Norm Kirk took his last gasp and said “well that’s me out of here mate”

  9. Bizarre, Key seems to be actually threatening New Zealanders with high immigration rates. His comments are certainly a contrast to the usual self-congratulatory crap I read in the New Zealand Herald.

    • Yes threatening to import cheap naive people who will quickly become disenfranchised like the local population ,God forbid we actually consider educating our own population,no overnight profit in education.

  10. I don’t think New Zealand is getting weirder, its always been a backward shithole inhabited by subhuman flotsam. New Zealand is just getting more exposed for its deplorable going ons that they vehemently try to keep hidden from the real world.

    John Key is worse than his underlings. A complete fuck wit in all senses. What I’d refer to as an omni-c**t.

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