Kiwis “Coward Punch” Kills Australian Water Polo Star, Cole Miller. Gang was Looking for a Fight


Cole Miller

Cole Miller, 18, had been tipped to follow his brother Billy to Olympic success

New Zealand media reported yesterday on the death of a teenager in Brisbane, who died after being punched once in the back of the head on Sunday morning by a New Zealander resident in Australia.

The punch, which has been described as a coward punch,  left Cole Miller with massive head injuries, sadly Cole died after his life support was stitched off.  Our deepest condolences are extended to Cole Miller’s family, friends and team mates for their tragic loss.

The attack came at a time when violent acts by Kiwis have been very much in the news in Australia, many of whom are being deported back to New Zealand for failing character tests or for having criminal convictions.

Callous attacker Daniel Maxwell joked before punch

The UK’s Daily Mail also covered the attack, saying  Maxwell joked with his co-accused before the attack  on Cole Miller and his friend Nick Pace, and that they were part of a group of 4 “Maori men.”

One of the men accused over the death of an 18-year-old man had asked his friend if he wanted ‘to see something funny’ before setting upon the promising water polo player in a random attack…

Detective Senior Constable Amanda Foster called Mr Maxwell ‘callous’ for seemingly enjoying tormenting his victims. Mr Maxwell allegedly punched Cole and then Mr Pace, before punching Cole again in the side of the face…The blow rendered him ‘immediately unconscious’, the court heard. Mr Maxwell and Mr Renata then fled the scene rather than trying to help Mr Miller, police claimed.

The two 21-year-olds had both allegedly been stirring violence throughout the evening, along with two others. Police allege Mr Maxwell had attacked three people and attempted to assault a further two before he punched Mr Miller unprovoked. The group of four Maori men had confronted Mr Miller and friend Nick Pace around 3.30am, it was alleged in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday…

The attack occurred in front of a chapel in the mall, and two NightSafe chaplains rushed to the victim’s assistance, rendering first aid until paramedics arrived at the scene.
The NZ Herald simply reported that

Cole Miller, 18, was assaulted in a Brisbane mall early yesterday. He was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where he died this afternoon…

Kiwi Daniel Jermaine Lee Maxwell, 21, has been charged in relation to the assault on Mr Miller. He appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today charged with grievous bodily harm.

Hours after the appearance the charge was upgraded to unlawfully striking causing death…A second man, Armstrong Renata, 21, has also been charged.

Daniel Maxwell after his arrest

Daniel Maxwell after his arrest

Gang was out ‘looking for a fight’

Armstrong Renata

Armstrong Renata studied at Manurewa High School in Auckland

Screenshot of a Facebook post by Armstrong. Copied by Ben Travers on Facebook

Daniel Maxwell

Daniel Maxwell is from Glen Eden in Auckland, he studied at Rosehill College, Papakura. His facebook describes him a Boss Man CEO at Thug Mansion


A Facebook page has published information that a gang of 5 males and a female involved in the attack approached other people earlier in the night, trying to start a fight. A witness allegedly said

“We were approached by these people 20 min before they attacked Cole Miller 5 guys and a girl roaming the streets tried to start us on our way back to our unit, we walked away after a little scuffle, then another guy jumped out of a silver ute from nowhere wearing a bullls red singlet walked straight over to my friend and punched him, my friend fended him off and we ran away.

These people were out to hurt someone and they killed a young boy they deserve to serve a long time away. They did not come from a night club they were wearing shorts and singlets. If there is anything I can do to help these pieces of shit be put away we are willing to do whatever we can source

Renata and Maxwell in court

Promising athlete with a bright future ahead

Mr Miller was a promising water polo player and talented athlete, he played for the Brisbane Barracudas Water Polo team and represented his state at the World Club challenge in Sydney last week. He was tipped to follow in the footsteps of his Olympian older brother Billy Miller.

Tributes to the young man have flowed in, memorials have already been held in the location where the assault occurred.

Police confirm four men beind the attack

Detective Acting Inspector Tom Armitt said Mr Miller and his friend were approached by the group on Sunday as they went in search of a taxi. He said one of the men, described as Pacific Islander in appearance and in his 20s, punched the teenager, causing him to fall to the ground.

“A short exchange has occurred and the victim was struck to the back of the head” source.

Tough on crime

Daniel Maxwell has been refused bail, the Magistrate citing an “unacceptable risk that he would flee or re-offend” (suggesting that the man may already be known to the criminal justice system?) and Renata has not applied for bail. The pair are due to appear in court again on Tuesday

The charge of unlawfully striking causing death does not exist in New Zealand, it was introduced in 2014 as part of Safe Night Out legislation and carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The charge was introduced by the former Newman government to specifically target one-punch deaths, after a string of similar tragedies in entertainment precincts across Australia…

The charge mirrors manslaughter but removes the “accident” defence.and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.  Just two people have been charged with the offence since its introduction. source

Violent NZ
Meanwhile in New Zealand
  • Police have launched an investigation after a man was injured in an Auckland CBD assault at 5.30 am today, outside of Auckland’s St James Theater.
  • A man has died from blunt force trauma after being attacked on New Year’s eve in Whangarei. Lee Rata, 35, died in Whangarei Hospital on New Year’s Day. He was found on the side of Bonnett Rd with critical injuries at about 11pm on December 31.
  • A 46 year old mother has lost her teeth after being punched in the head for speaking Te Reo Maori at the 123 Casino Bar in Howick (Auckland) on New Year’s Eve. Her crime was to say “ka kite ano” (see you later) to people standing outside the venue. The man who attacked her called her a “palagi” – a Samoan and Tongan word for a person of European descent.
  • A woman was viciously attacked by a gang of youths in Auckland’s Sylvia Park shopping mall at 8.15 am on Monday. Her attackers then hijacked her car (silver Nissan Cefiro CRY691). The woman worked at the Max clothing store at the mall.
  • A man is in a critical condition in Christchurch hospital after he was attacked at a house party in Runanga on New Year’s eve. The 59 year old suffered serious head injuries. Dennis Bernard Crozier, 48, has been arrested for assault. Police are monitoring the condition of his alleged victim
  • Police are investigating an assault that happened in the early hours in Whangamata. A 22 year old man was punched, knocked to the ground and robbed after he went to the assistance of another man who was being attacked by two men.

21 thoughts on “Kiwis “Coward Punch” Kills Australian Water Polo Star, Cole Miller. Gang was Looking for a Fight

  1. I cried when I heard this young man with his whole life ahead of him had died. Yes our family has been victim of kiwi crime and its high time the NZ Government stopped these people leaving the country. Step up we are residents of Queensland and sick to death of KIWI violence.

    • Sadly the guilt ridden white populace of N.Z panders to these criminal scum and constantly makes excuses for their behaviour without actually doing anything about it,we don’t want to offend the Maori and Pacific Islanders so instead we let them rape and murder without consequence,it’s pathetic.

  2. I hope the violent scum serves life in prison ,it won’t change anything here in N.Z ,the violence is so deeply ingrained in this society that it would take a couple of hundred years to rid ourselves of it even if we were to start trying ,this is the real N.Z folks ,a place which is completely out of control and so dangerous people no longer are safe camping walking shopping or living without fear of a mindless and unprovoked attack,exporting these criminals will further tarnish the name of good people who have managed to escape this broken society.Condolences to the family of the boy’s family ,another senseless murder.

  3. Yes ,this is N.Z culture at its peak ,for many years living away from this place I would tell people I was from Australia as I was so ashamed of this violent shit hole,it’s never changed ,I’ve been around for 50 years and I’ve learned not to go out after dark .If the police don’t shake you down and harass you another gang will,it’s all about the culture of Rugby which is an incredibly stupid and violent activity which endorses all the wrong attributes of humanity.the police in N.Z simply don’t care about the health and safety of the public ,the Police are just here to generate road traffic revenue end of story ,we would be better off without our corrupt police force and have neighbourhood protection groups ,vigilantes .

  4. Ugh, he looks like every other one walking the streets of Papakura and the rest of South Auckland.

    I recently emailed the office of Judith Collins about thugs and violent crime here in Papakura such as the vicious beating of a Chinese woman at the train station.

    The response I got was just a bunch of cop outs. Blaming the problems on people who supposedly come from outside of Papakura, and that the train station had great security. It actually has none. Cameras don’t count because they don’t stop anything from happening,

    I was then told I would ‘be pleased to know’ that the police had recently caught two youths who had beaten down some guy. Wow.

    I emailed back asking what use is that? They will be out with barely a charge against them, and that the victim has ALREADY been assaulted. Far worse criminals get let off for far more serious crimes. It’s useless. There’s no prevention. The emails struck me as nothing more than defections from the real issue. I realized that no one is going to listen.

    • There really isn’t any money to be made from fighting real crime ,good on you for trying to contact the authorities however it is widely believed that Judith Colins is herself a criminal so why would she help any one except herself .When you travel around surrounded by private security in the back of a limousine ,black tie parties ,fund raisers for your political lobby groups etc it must be quite easy to loose the focus of the average N.Z citizen who is constantly in fear of having their house robbed and or being assaulted or murdered while they pay extortionate prices for ……well ……everything.

      • Yeah, I have only heard negative things about her but never did much research into it so figured I’d give it a shot since. I was told she is working with the police here to improve things but I seriously doubt that considering the response I was given. I’m guessing they will say anything to make Papakura look good without lifting a finger.

        My dad won’t use an outside ATM anymore due to thugs watching them and coming up asking for ‘gas money’, and my 21 year old sister can’t go anywhere alone because large groups of thug gorilla girls will kill her. Pisses me off when I expressed this in my emails only to be told ‘Oh well it’s people coming in from outside of Papakura’ and the police recently caught two young thugs who ruthlessly beat a guy, like it somehow makes everything ok.

        We don’t need cameras that can’t intervene, we need security guards at every corner. We need PREVENTION.

        • At this very moment, I don’t have too much to say on it. Papakura as I’ve said, is fine during the day. Well, that is on the streets I frequent and the actual business area. I could mark a map with areas you had best not go lol. All I could really tell you is that. Thing is, the things I’ve mentioned are general NZ problems.

          Here’s something that happened just 20 or so minutes ago. I just got home from the supermarket. When I was paying for my stuff three girls strolled out with stolen goods. One of them had a little bag which I knew was packed with chocolate bars. I saw them loitering around that section with a handful and then they magically disappeared. Two staff members were watching and doing nothing.

          These girl confidently strolled out, past the huge, formidable security guard, and set of the alarm. A staff member at the info desk shouted at them to stop and one of the girls just laughed and told her to F off. The security guard just stared blankly, didn’t even move from his spot right beside the security gate.

          Last time a thug with an entire basket of goods just walked out. He didn’t even bother to run.
          How can they do this? Because they already KNOW that no one is going to lift a finger.

          I heard a few customers making comments on the security as well. You could see everyone shocked that the guard did nothing. One staff member, the lady watching the self service part where I was, told the guard to do something, and he kind of just looked in the direction of the door where the girls went…and did nothing. Well, he did have a look. Hard work that is.

          I’m going to mail the local MP again about this and see what kind of funny answer I can get.

          • It’s ironic though, because its thieves stealing from thieves hahahaha. The security guard most likely did nothing because A) he gets paid about $15 an hour, has never exercised in his life and it isn’t worth the effort and B) if he apprehended the thief he’d likely receive retribution from said thief’s mongrel family or mates. Or C) he knows them.

            In one of many misery inducing security jobs I had in NZ, I stood outside an ASB bank for a year. (The longest anyone previous to me lasted was 2 weeks, to put things into perspective of what I endured for so long) 9 hours a day standing there, bored shitless, contemplating suicide, earning $14 an hour, with a family to support, having to wait until 2pm to have my lunch most days. I was treated so badly by the uppity arrogant thick as shit staff and talked down to by customers so often that if the place had an armed robbery, I would have simply walked off and not given an iota of a shit what happened. Call me heartless but why would i give a toss about people who didn’t give a toss about me?

            I stood outside in the blistering heat with no shade, I stood outside in the pissing rain in the winter listening to my ipod and one of the women who worked there had the nerve to come out and lecture me on the use of my ipod at work, while rain pissed all over my face, the wind howling in my ears. I told her she wasn’t my boss and to get fucked, I was contracted to work at her wanky bank, I have seen you on Facebook when you were not suppose to be, do you see me lecturing you love? On your bike.

            My employment came to an end 2 months later when, as I sussed out, one of the staff was bitching about me to a male customer, obviously a regular thing they did, so this redneck prick came out and started having a go at me telling me I wasn’t doing my job properly blah blah blah. I was diplomatic and thanked him for his insightful opinion but he went on and on.

            I felt my blood boiling and…I snapped. I told him to get in his car before I battered him senseless. He looked bewildered that I should respond in such a way. I then offered him a round of fisticuffs and he got in his car with nothing more to say. Fight fire with fire and watch them shit it and run. Kiwi blokes-cowards. Little did this insignificant little twat know I was knocking out blokes twice his size on the weekend at the bar of doom which I called The Scum Bar.

            Now that I look back, on that year of 2013, that was when I started to die inside.

          • I definitely did get the impression that the guards here give no shits about what happens on their watch. I can understand your situation and get that this must be happening all over the place, and that leads into the larger problem of low pay and terrible treatment.

    • Kiwis don’t give a flying toss. Communicating with anyone here to sort out a problem is like banging your head against a brick wall. Reporting a crime/organising anything, you name it-You feel completely enraged afterwards that you wasted ages talking to a complete bell end and alot of them end up getting shirty to you over the phone and speaking down to you that you want to reach down the phone and strangle them to death.

      Like talking to Spark or Vodafone over the phone asking how soon I can get Fibre internet, (the address finder on their website clearly states it was available at my address) and being told “we can’t give you a time frame”. What fucking use is that to anyone!!???? Do you want my business or not? I guess not then, fuck you very much and stick it up your arse.

      Call either of them up right now for a test, and see what I mean.

      I remember years ago I was stranded in Bleinham for 6 hours all thanks to this dumb tart working at the bus station info centre who told me the wrong bus times, so when I turned up for my bus it was leaving. I jumped up and yelled at the bus driver to stop, he cud have been a nice chap and stopped but he looked right and me and carried on leaving. Utter wanker. He didn’t give a shit.

      I lost my temper with the woman at reception and she then told me that i now had to wait 6 friggin hours. Man was i pissed. Beyond pissed. They didn’t give a shit. I made sure i made a scene tho, which isn’t like me at all.

      Anyway-when i finally got back to Christchurch i wrote an email of complaint to the manager. He replied and never once apologised, told me that he would speak to the staff member and that was it. He didn’t give a shit. They never do. They take your money and fuck you.

      I despise NZ i really do.

      • I agree totally about the UFB, its total waste of time. Key in your details to express interest for UFB and see the response – it will be a dead silence for months (and a year in my case).

    • People like this should be eradicated from the gene pool. Unfortunately there are more mental defects like this here in NZ than there are of those with sound mind.

      Hopefully the Aussies come down on them like a ton of bricks.

      Nothing saddens me more than reading about someone innocent getting killed for absolutely no reason by sick psycho’s. Pre-meditated murder as far as I’m concerned.

      No doubt we’ll hear of how they had such a ‘hard’ upbringing to excuse their disgusting crime.

      • They have a sense of self entitlement as the NZ Govt continues to pander to them. They believe they are above the law, and rules that you and i need to abide by (IE taking sea food from a sanctuary) do not apply to them. Little wonder they strut around causes shit

        • Yes, since the accused are Maoris this tragic incident will be regarded as another example of Australian ‘racism’, particularly if they get the sentences they deserve.

          • From what I’ve been reading in various comment section, is kiwis blaming it on Maori. It’s not NZ, it’s not kiwis, just the indigenous ones, they say, so it’s good example of kiwi racism too.

          • Well the system has a lot to answer for here in n.z but um …..they are Maori in both cases .We have created this monster by an undue amount of respect being shown to what many would see as a very primitive culture which has a huge empasis on physical prowess and violence,just saying,racism exists in every culture ,the crime stats don’t lie.

          • Sure, the stats do show Maori as the higher percentage of offenders and other trouble, BUT, NZ whites are no better morally and it pisses me off when they act like it.

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