Britains Say Australia is Better than New Zealand


Australia, voted the better country by

Two journalists: Natalie Paris and Hugh Morris, writing for the UK’s Telegraph (the UK was the host country for the recent Rugby World Cup final between New Zealand and Australia) have voted Australia to be the better country between NZ and Australia, despite the outcome of the controversial match.

The Daily Telegraph, says Australia wins over New Zealand for

Attractions – the Hobbtion set and non-specific ‘scenery’ loses big time to Uluru, the Sydney Opera House  and the Great Barrier Reef. Australia wins.

Culture – Indigenous cultures between the two countries appear to balance each other out. Sydney leads the way for internationally renewed music and arts events, followed by   Melbourne’s “hip and exciting music scene” and its multitude of museums and galleries. While NZ has a “home-grown” music scene but “tiny Tasmania” has art that makes a “greater splash than the “world famous (in NZ) Mona Museum!. Australia wins

Silver Screen – Australia gave the world Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, Mad Max and Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Crocodile Dundee was the “best thing to ever come crawling out of the bush”, soaps like Neighbours, Home and Away, Heartbreak High and Prisoner Cell Block H. New Zealand showcased its countryside in the (British)Tolkein fantasies, Black Sheep got a mention as did Flight of the Conchords who’s creators had to move all the way to New York to find a comic foil. Australia wins.

Cuisine – The two countrys’ wines almost cancel each other out but Australia wins “for variety”. Sydney has restaurants that “showcase cuisine from all over the world”. Auckland has a plethora of Korean restaurants and NZ;s chippies offer deep fried oysters and mussels. Australia outstrips NZ’s “small-town options”. Overall, Australia wins.

Transport – Australia has two of the world’s longest and most impressive train journeys- the Chan and the Indian Pacific. NZ offers some remarkable ferry cruises around the “fjords” and has some mountain roads that offer “mean road trips” but epic train adventures takes it: Australia wins.

Weather – Australian heat and sun are considered too taxing for the British constitution. NZ wins

Landscape – a tie.

Sports/activites – NZ’s national pastime is “jumping off stuff” and they were favourites to win the rugby. NZ wins

Nightlife – Melbourne has a “cutting edge live music scene and a good range of trendy and alternative bars and pubs”. More glamourous Sydney is the place to “be seen” in chic harbourside bars and rooftop clubs, The Gold coast “busses” and Perth. NZ has good pubs and has 2enjoyable” cocktail bars in its capital, but skip “sleepy Auckland” and head to Queenstown if you want “crazy”. Australia wins.

The result:

“Australia has beaten New Zealand quite soundly”

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Not sure why NZ wins sport. What major sporting events does NZ host? Australia has had the Olympics twice, a Grand Slam tennis tournament each year, Formula 1, MotoGP, various swimming and cycling world Championships. Barring FIFA corruption they’d have held the World Cup in 2022. Australia also produces a hugely disproportionate number of Olympic medalists compared to the size of the population. Domestically, they have four professional codes of football, the Big Bash, V8s and so on. They host The Ashes every four years and got 91,000 through the gates on day one of the Boxing Day Test in 2013, which is a world record.

And what’s NZ got? The All Blacks, who at the time of writing have won the RWC twice, as have the Wallabies, a pretty ordinary cricket team and not much else, unless ‘sport’ nowadays means jumping off a bridge with a rubber band ties to your ankles.

Australia all the way! New Zealand used to be my dream holiday destination… until I went there. You can sum up NZ in one word, “boring”. Ideal for people who want to go to bed at 8pm every night. Conversely, Australia never had much appeal for me, until I went there. It’s absolutely fantastic. From the food and wine, to the nightlife, the things to do, the scenery and just about everything else it beats NZ hands down. Melbourne in particular is one of the finest cities you could visit. Beaches, winelands, restaurants, the arts, sport – it’s superb!

As Barry Humphries said: “New Zealand is a land of 11 million sheep — 2 million think they can talk.”

6 thoughts on “Britains Say Australia is Better than New Zealand

  1. Interesting site. I’m a kiwi who has lived in Sydney for the past 5 years due to the superior employment options after graduating. Struggled to get even an interview in NZ but got a decent entry level role in Oz in a major corporate difficulty. I go back periodically and am shocked at the cost of living compared to salaries levels. Even in Sydney things are cheaper (except housing) than NZ. Overall Oz is a great lifestyle-wise and I’m saving a lot more than I ever could in NZ. Having gained Australian citizenship I’m a lot more objective than when I was a SCV holder and can see many things that are wrong with NZ that my friends back home cannot (or will not). However there are still downsides regarding the weather. It can get brutal here. Last week Sydney was 41 in the shade which I have never experienced in NZ. Melbs is apparently a lot more like NZ apparently. But overall I don’t miss the winters in NZ.

    Quick question for Pom expats in Oz: do you ever think of going back to the UK? Are the wages or career opportunities superior or the cost of living (compared to Sydney). Thinking of ‘re-immigrating’ to the UK so would like some views. Visa is no issue due to UK born grandparent.

  2. NZ is a shit place to live in and I live here! The general architecture is absolutely appalling – the architects responsible should be jailed! The population has degenerated to the lowest common denominator – to the standard of White Trash! NZ’s politicians are adolescent criminals and their Prime Minister is the worst of all. The weather is as dull as its population, architecture and scenery – although the South Island is spectacular, the North Island is an unending green paddock full of substandard housing, meth labs, gang pads and unemployed maori criminals… and when Australia send their NZ born criminals back to New Zealand, the country will become a lawbreakers paradise similar to the favellas of Rio de Janiero…

  3. N.Z would be better off to be a state of Australia,would be a definite saving on our ridiculous over paid government,the main problem would likely be that this place would empty out very quickly leaving no one here to milk the cows.

    • mcleodkiwitony

      Yes, you’re probably correct, NZ would be better off economically. Unfortunately the Kiwis rejected Australia’s offer to join the federation more than 100 years ago, they probably won’t get another chance since I doubt that there’s much support now in either country.
      Actually if NZ was an Australian state, most Kiwis would probably stay home to milk the cows, they could probably afford to buy even more cows.

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