Brits Lose Their Grip, Indian and Chinese Migrants Favour Australia and New Zealand

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Immigration customs are changing

New Zealand’s association with the UK, and its ‘white nz policy’ are finally on the way out with today’s news that Indian and Chinese migrants now make up two thirds of newcomers to New Zealand. Britains fall into third place with only 11% of new migrants coming from the UK…

New Zealand recorded its highest net migration gain last year and one in three permanent migrants now come from either China or India, new immigration figures show.

The Migration Trends and Outlook 2014/15, released today by Immigration New Zealand, shows a net migration gain of 58,300.

China was the largest permanent migrant source on 17 per cent, followed by India on 16 per cent. The United Kingdom, which used to be New Zealand’s main source country, was third on 11 per cent.

India was the largest source country for skilled migrants (21 per cent) followed by the Philippines (13 per cent) and China was also the largest source country for family-sponsored migrants.

This news will come as a shock for many British migrants who move to New Zealand to escape the ‘migrant crisis’ in their own country. The inflows are likely to present major changes to the ethnic diversity of New Zealand, which proudly presents itself as bi-cultural: Pakeha and Maori.

Under population projections by Statistics New Zealand, in 2038 the Asian population could increase by 714,600 and reach 1,255,900.

Over the same period, Auckland’s Asian population could also rise 4.8 per cent annually to reach 1,135,600.

Professor Spoonley said New Zealand has continued to attract migrants because of the quality of its lifestyle, and compared well with Australia on economic activity and job availability…source

We thought we’d compare Prof. Spoonley’s assertions about Australia and looked at that country’s latest immigration figures. We found the percentages are remarkably similar for the two larger migrant groups, but interestingly Kiwis are the third largest group of immigrants to Australia, behind China and India.

However, NZ had a net migration gain for 2014/15 of 58,300 while Australia received 11,650 just for the month of August. Looks like Australia is still the luckier country for many migrants, including Kiwis?

There were 11,650 people who stated they were permanent (settler) arrivals to Australia during August 2015, a decrease of 1.2% compared with August 2014 (11,790 movements). People born in China accounted for the largest proportion of settlers (17.2%), followed by people born in India (16.6%) and New Zealand (8.9%).

There were 8,010 Australian residents who stated their intention was to depart permanently from Australia during August 2015, an increase of 2.9% compared with August 2014 (7,790 movements). However, analysis shows that the majority of those with an intention of permanently departing, return to Australia within the following year. For example, in the calendar year 2011, out of the 84,240 Australian residents who stated they were departing permanently, only 15,890 spent 12 months or more overseas… source

10 thoughts on “Brits Lose Their Grip, Indian and Chinese Migrants Favour Australia and New Zealand

  1. My wife and I are leaving NZ after 15 years and heading back to Yorkshire. We have had a great time here in Auckland, and we have really enjoyed the life that we have had here. The food, the weather, travelling frequently to Australia …. etc etc. The biggest problem with NZ is its people. Most Kiwi’s aspire to be average. They are dull, boring, emotionally stunted and lack basic manners. They have a giant inferiority complex, and are masters at being passive aggressive. The tall poppy syndrome is a disease which is rife, and in most instances they won’t let a complete lack of knowledge on a subject stop them from giving you their opinion. Almost all Kiwi men think they are fully qualified builders, car mechanics, ships captains …… the list goes on. I’ve had a successful small business for 11 years. The level of dishonesty, corruptness, and general business ineptitude beggars belief in this country. No wonder the IRD forces so many bankruptcies.

    All of our friends have been expats who have a wider world view. This wasn’t deliberate, it just went this way, and its been brilliant. If I was able to offer any advice to someone thinking of emigrating here I’d say the following. 15 years ago, this place was cheap, uncrowded and an easy place to live. Auckland is the only city worth living in and is the precise opposite of the previous sentence. There are better places to live that aren’t so far away from the rest of the world. The small towns in NZ are fine, providing you like Hillbillies, racism, luddites, poor quality housing, rampant alcoholism and virtually no cultural pursuits; except dancing in a dress whilst aggressively showing other people your tongue and waving a stick. I’d stay away.

    Beaches are great, but you cannot build a life around a few miles of sand, and your proximity to it.

    Do your homework. We’ve had a laugh, but its time to crack on.

  2. Not sure on how one is supposed to take this. If they only want British immigrants maybe they should close the borders off for Indians and Chinese.
    Only problem is that will mean the over hyped education industry scam will come to an end .
    Sounds like they want the students money for sub standard courses and then send them back

  3. One thing that is very important to realise about Kiwis moving to Australia is that they have automatic entry, based on a special category visa. This visa allows ANY Kiwi to enter and work in Australia, with very few restrictions. If this visa didn’t exist, it could be questioned how many Kiwis would be qualified to enter Australia under that kinds of policies that apply to standard immigrants. This places the Chinese and Indian immigrants that move there into a completely different class to the Kiwis. The Chinese and Indians are people who have actually had to PROVE that they will add something to the Australian economy.

    The other major factor is that there are many immigrants who come to New Zealand knowing about the special category visa for Australia, and who have no intention of staying in New Zealand at all. For these people, they enter New Zealand as a way to move to Australia. Once they get their New Zealand citizenship, they then leave.

  4. I can well believe this report. The Indians and Chinese are in the majority where I work in community mental health. I am all for racial integration but it does cause some issues in my sector, as they are often difficult to understand, and effective communication is essential in this line of work. I am going back to the UK in January permanently,
    so it will be interesting to see how things have changed there

    • I agree Christine communication is vital. In fact very important for any line of work. The question I would put forward tho is ,if the communication is poor how do these immigrants land these jobs. The answer in a lot of cases is that they are the only ones applying for jobs that demand a lot out of you and pay diddly squat.

  5. I don’t know, I’m European, but I find it very difficult here. Mainly I suffer from a complete lack of friends and that I only know a couple of people personally, this is in the long 15 years that I’ve been here. Maybe things have since then gone completely wrong with me, but if I leave this country now I would remember a lot of bad things that happened to me here. First of all it is harassment, bullying and backstabbing at work that resulted now in me working on my own, then it is bigotry and picking by the people around you. I feel like I’m loosing the plot and now I’m going to go and see the specialist. In these years I became very scared of other people, lost my trust, I didn’t leave my flat last weekend despite of brilliant weather. Didn’t want to see anyone as I feel I’ve had enough. My European accent and descent are being picked on constantly, this alienates me. I think that despite bad climate and bad economy I was still way better back home, that is until I met people who set me on a horse to migrate to Aussie or NZ. God, if you hear me, help me, please. This is not what I wanted for my life. My family back home misses me dearly, I have not see them for years and now here I miss simple things that make everyone’s life normal, like having a dinner with someone, seeing and taking care of your family, someone beloved waiting for you to come home and taking care of you. There are people around, but we don’t make it, even in own ethnic community… Why why why have I met people who subscribed me to migrate here…

    • I can really sympathise with where you are coming from. I was BORN in New Zealand, but both of my parents are from London. Because of this, I’ve had to deal with being treated as a second rate citizen for most of my life. I was raised as British, with British ideals and values. I was harassed and bullied constantly through my schooling years as a result of this, and the harassment has continued right into my adult life; it took me a long time to figure out that the main reason for all the harassment was, but once I clicked on to the way foreigners are treated here, it became all too clear what was going on.

      These days I have little to do with the locals, and make sure I dress down whenever I go out (If I dressed well, I would become even more of a target). I don’t relate to the culture (what culture?), the attitudes, the ideals, or the way of life of New Zealanders in any way, and more recently have got to the point where I’ve given up even trying to understand where the Kiwis are coming from. This has meant I can go weeks with little contact with others, other than speaking to those at the supermarket, or talking to my daughter or ex-wife (who also both hate the place and are desperate to leave). It’s got to the point where I simply can’t be bothered with the constant nonsense of dealing with people who seem to take a kind of sadistic joy in causing as much trouble as possible, making major issues over the most minor of things. I have no friends I can count on at all (in New Zealand), but plenty of people I know overseas. I even work for an overseas company (Australian), using the internet, because I couldn’t get fair treatment from local companies.

      Now this situation could be extremely depressing, but my big ray of light in this is that I have dual citizenship, and the knowledge that it is no longer permanent. My ex and I have now started to work together for mutual benefit, and things are now coming into play to get out of this horrible country for good; we are expecting to be out of here by the end of 2017 (hopefully 2016).

      Personally, I can’t wait to leave. I might have been born here, but New Zealand is NOT my home.

      • “to the point where I simply can’t be bothered with the constant nonsense of dealing with people who seem to take a kind of sadistic joy in causing as much trouble as possible,”

        Somehow they have become a psychically and spiritually sick race of people. Maybe it is to be blamed on the remoteness of the country, the small population, or the absence of culture and any meaning to life.
        Many of them appear to have little idea of what is considered to be standard human behavior in the rest of the world. Somehow this collection of peoples;- allegedly comprising of a nation – have mutated together on the remote dingy isles. ,
        These people rarely do anything properly, enjoy being useless, badly dressed and badly spoken, and seem to venerate ugliness and stupidity in all its myriad forms. There is no point in engaging with them, as they will not change. They are swimming in their own little stinking cesspit and kind of feel comfortable and nicely unchallenged and they like it that way. If you appear to be unlike them, it causes them to reassess themselves and they find that most unpleasant. As a punishment for showing them up in all their uselessness, ugliness and stupidity they will then try to force you to be as fucked up as them one way or another. They actively don’t want you to be happy and functional.

        • Their isolation has developed its’ own ” standard human behavior”.
          I was talking to a kiwi friend [older guy, doesn’t hate Americans] about this. He has come from a tiny village [pop. >200] and then moved to the city [pop>30,000]. He says that this busybody business is a form of entertainment. All the dramas of everyday life being made more “interesting” when you add in a bit of intrigue. This some what explained [to me] what some see as: “to the point where I simply can’t be bothered with the constant nonsense of dealing with people who seem to take a kind of sadistic joy in causing as much trouble as possible,”

  6. Well let’s hope that the new Immigrants can get jobs ,I know very professional Indian people who are working as salespeople in liquor stores etc as they can not get jobs despite their qualifications perfect English communication etc,I am a white guy who would actually prefer to deal with most Indian people in professional positions than the crap on offer right now,Indian people I know have great customer service skills,empathy as doctors and a sense of humour to rival any.

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