Christchurch Mall Stormed by Armed Police

Armed police race through a Christchurch shopping mall

Armed police race through a Christchurch shopping mall


Days after the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup a Christchurch shopping mall has been stormed by armed police.

After a car chase which ended at the entrance to Barrington Mall, police chased two suspects through the shopping centre. Police are keeping quiet about the incidents that led up to the pursuit, but it may be connected to a gunshot that reported in Addington the previous night.

Police are investigating after reports of a gunshot in the Christchurch suburb of Addington last night. Residents of Parade Court, off Lincoln Rd, were woken around 6am and told they could not leave the street by car.

Police Superintendent Gary Knowles says cordons were established following reports of firearm being discharged at around 10:15pm.

It’s not the first time gun shots have been reported in Addington, there was another incident at 11.34am near the intersection between Birmingham Rd and Wrights Rd in October 2013.

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Police stormed a Christchurch shopping mall this morning after a car they were chasing was ditched at the entrance.

At least two men were understood to be in the car, which the driver stopped in front of the west entrance to Barrington Shopping Centre, south of the city centre, about 10.55am.

Police detained one man but said another fled into the mall, chased by armed police. Police confirmed that officers in the area were armed and were speaking to at least one person…

What was bizarre was that everyone kept shopping,” said the 45-year-old woman, who wanted only to be known as Michele.

“The armed offenders had loaded guns and everyone was coming and going like nothing was happening.”

Police, asked if the mall incident was related to a reports of a gunshot in Addington last night, said a statement would be issued shortly…

Shortly after 15 police cars chased a “fish tailing” Nissan through Tower Junction. It came to an abrupt halt and the driver was arrested.

This morning police cordoned off a lane in Addington. It is believed to be related to the Barrington Mall police chase.