Police Raid Kaikoura Drug Den

Police have raided a property in Scarborough Street, Kaikoura and seized thousands of dollars in drugs and cash.

A commercial cannabis operation had been going on for some time at the premises and police turned up in force, prepared for business.

10 police cars (does Kaikoura even have that many police?) showed up at the property where officers took possession of plants, cannabis material and cannabis oil.

A Kaikoura couple were arrested and charged with possession of cannabis for supply, cultivating and possessing a class B drug and drug utensils.

The arrests came as a disappointment to the residents of the small township, many of whom are wishing that level of police presence was available all the time. (source)

In other Kaikoura News

Last month a boat worth $150,000 was stolen from a Kaikoura holiday home. The boat had been custom made for the owners and was only 2 months old. After the robbery the owners installed security cameras at their bach in South Bay. Questions were raised if the boat was stolen to order.

Daniel Bond, 42, has appeared in court on methamphetamine and other charges after he held up a petrol station in Kaikoura, crashing his car shortly after escaping. Incredibly, he was only sentenced to 80 hours community work for theft, possession of a knife and P equipment. He was made to pay  $103.98 in reparations to the BP service station in Kaikoura, and write letters of apology to the police officers he “intimidated.”

Six teenage girls from Kaikoura were subject to sexual assault by a 66 year old man who plied them with drugs (including LSD, cannabis and BZP) and alcohol. He is also alleged to have taken indecent photographs of them. He has been given name suppression while he answers to 46 charges in the Nelson High Court. More than 50 witnesses will be called during the trial.

The man was later found guilty. As of 11 Dec 2014 his name and occupation is still suppressed. More here.

3 thoughts on “Police Raid Kaikoura Drug Den

  1. Another bullshit marijuana raid by the fascist police, when they should be fighting real crime and defending adult civil liberties. So as the USA moves to decriminalize one of the most popular recreational herbs in this country. Which is strongly immersed in our popular culture. The pigs turn more adults into criminals to prop up more money for the Courts and Corrections. Nanny Police state is one of the reasons I will never respect either the Police nor the Government.

  2. This is why every police patrol car in NZ is equipped with a standard issue straitjacket and taser. As opposed to the intellectual straitjackets, worn by trolls from that country.

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