E2NZ.org Now 8th Most Read Blog in New Zealand

E2NZ's stats for July from 2009 to the present

E2NZ’s stats for July from 2009 to the present

The team at E2NZ are pleased to announce the continuing success of the E2NZ.org site without political patronage of any kind!

Based on data supplied by Open Parachute and our last month’s private stats (69,122 page views/month) we would officially be ranked #8 on a list of 274 New Zealand blogs if our stats were made public, still ahead of other sites such as No Right Turn, Homepaddock and Avalon’s Guide .

In February 2013 E2NZ.org was #12 on the list.

Thank you to all the people who support the site and please keep your contributions coming.

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Open Parachute’s NZ blog stats for July 2014


2 thoughts on “E2NZ.org Now 8th Most Read Blog in New Zealand

  1. Well, you should be even higher ranked now, since Avalon’s Blog has shut down (suddenly and in much the same way as expatexposed) since August.
    Hope the coverage of New Zealand continues, and may all your site backups go smoothly!

    • We’re one of the last bastions of the old guard! don’t worry, there are no plans for E2NZ.org to close – not while people are still being tricked and misled into moving to NZ.

      If there’s one thing that the recent election demonstrated it is that New Zealanders are ok with deception and subterfuge. There are lessons to be learned from that – integrity is not valued in New Zealand, appearance and connections are everything.

      Edit. Avalon’s Facebook page gives her last goodbye https://www.facebook.com/pages/Avalons-Guide/214762488073 We have invited Helen over for a chat, maybe she’ll have time one day.

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