Te Awamatu in Lock Down. Tear Gas and Stun Grenades, Just Another Day in Socially Progressive New Zealand

Toki Ranier Takerei is having more than a bad hair day

Toki Ranier Takerei is having more than a bad hair day

Residents of the township of Te Awamutu, Waikato, are being told to keep a low profile after an alleged armed man was on the loose in the vicinity.

Police are warning the public not to approach a man who escaped their grasp in Waikato and is believed to be armed with a pistol.

Initial information suggested that Toki Ranier Takerei, 26, was armed, and police were advising the public not to approach him but to phone 111 if they see or are in contact with him.

A portion of Te Awamutu was locked down last night, residents reported gun shots and the town was ablaze with rumour and speculation about what happened…” more here

Tear gas and stun grenades


TVNZ news report

In another report the Armed Offenders Squad used tear gas and stun grenades (referred to elsewhere in official police briefings as “distraction devices“) to flush out Takerei, who also has previous outstanding warrants relating to fines.

Te Awamutu is about 60km south west of Matamata, home of the hobbiton set.

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