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Kiwi Mom and Pop feel the squeeze

Remember how we’ve told you about rip-off prices in New Zealand, and how more and more people are finding it cheaper to buy from abroad?

Never let it be said that New Zealand has a free market economy, nor that its residents aren’t bled dry by pricing policies that exploit the limited opportunities for price competitiveness in the country.

Now New Zealand’s finance minister is castigating mom and pop for buying from Amazon rather than pay inflated prices at home. How darned unpatriotic of them! Heck, they’re costing him more in lost revenue than the tax turnover of those ‘international corporates’ (code for Australian banks, and for Google and Facebook who are grabbing advertising money that noble NZ media companies could be soaking up).

In a statement by that reeked of xenophobia

The problem was not “nasty foreigners”, but New Zealanders shopping online that was eroding the tax base.

“The most urgent issue is not the big end of town, it’s the small end of town – hardworking Mums and Dads … buying from Amazon,” English said.

There were also issues of whether New Zealand had jurisdiction.

“We are not moving to turnover taxes. … if it was simple we would have done it.”
Earlier, English announced that May 15 will be the day he delivers the National-led Government’s sixth Budget…”

New Zealand is already getting its pound of flesh from mom and pop by imposing import duties on their Amazon purchases.

Perhaps Mr English should think on this.

Is New Zealand a free market economy of not? If it is, leave the market to find its price and leave mom and pop alone to do their thing. Do not tax their remaining pleasures out of existence because Facebook isn’t paying its fair share.

Why does the government not have the confidence or  competence to take on the big players, and why should mom and pop vote for them when its so obvious where their loyalties lie?

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Whilst the rest of the developed world moves towards an e-economy and reaps the benefits New Zealand businesses want their country to remain in the Stone Age, so that they can continue to reap the rewards of a restricted market.

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