“Immigrants that come to live here usually buy online from home. The Government needs to penalise these people.”

The above quote is taken from a New Zealand Herald article in which Auckland shop keepers allege their falling revenue is due to consumers exercising free choice and buying goods overseas.

New Zealand used to have a free market economy, but if local shop keeps get their way the government will add 15% sales tax to EVERY overseas purchase no matter how small.

Whilst the rest of the developed world moves towards an e-economy and reaps the benefits New Zealand businesses want their country to remain in the Stone Age, so that they can continue to reap the rewards of a restricted market.

However, even with the addition of 15% tax many of these products will still be significantly cheaper overseas than they are in New Zealand. Many of these items aren’t even luxury goods, just items that cannot be bought locally.

One Auckland-born Devonport local said she shopped in the village only as a last resort, mainly for the convenience rather than the cost.

She shopped at Marks & Spencer, Next and Amazon.

The exchange rate helped and the range was better than that on offer in the village.

Adding GST to overseas online purchases wouldn’t deter her from online shopping.

She said Devonport shops were too expensive and she wouldn’t shop at them unless she was in a rush.

Stewart admitted the prices were too expensive in New Zealand but blamed it on too many people clipping the ticket. “Everyone, from importers and wholesalers to us retailers, need to take their cut,” said Stewart.

“It goes right through the line and that’s a big problem.”… Source

This isn’t a campaign against oversea purchases, this is a war against freedom of choice and the Internet economy.

5 thoughts on ““Immigrants that come to live here usually buy online from home. The Government needs to penalise these people.”

  1. Premier John key does not care one hoot about nzers who are living here and earning nz dollars, this new 20% deposit scheme for a house that comes into effect in october means that if you live in Auckland you will need about $100k as a deposit. With the cost of living in nz it will take decades to save that. Nz is becoming like mexico where rich overseas corporates run the country and all the locals are peasants in their own land. Thanks for nothing nz govt – you should be ashamed of yourselves. It is part of the kiwi culture to own a house – the next generation are headed for poverty.

  2. I was born in NZ and have lived here for most of my life, but I have to say that I make as fewer purchases from local retailers as absolutely possible. Almost everything is overpriced by anywhere from 30-300%, sometimes more, and the quality of customer service is shockingly poor. The only things that are worth buying locally are the essentials; food, power, shelter etc; almost everything else is worth buying overseas for a better price. The government adding 15% in GST is in no way going to stop people from buying from overseas when the prices are this high.

  3. These immigrants who won’t cough up half a week’s salary to buy a pair of jeans must be forced to cough up, to feed our locals! I could not believe someone actually had the chutzpah to emit a statement like the one heading this post, and I had to look the article and quote up myself. Sure enough, she actually did say that. When we lived in New Zealand, we felt like we were cattle on a farm being run by vampires who used us as their “meal stock” and were sucking us dry all the time. Worse, they showed no embarrassed awareness that we existed for this purpose. They had this sense of security, of accepting entitlement about draining people dry. This is Vampireland. You’re lucky to be allowed to live here, so pay up so we can all keep living here, Let’s have your neck now! That was the attitude. No looking in the mirror and realising “ye gods, look at our bloodied fangs, we are vampires”. They have to live overseas to realise that?

    Lucky we escaped the “den”!

  4. If you ask me, every country should do that. eCommerce is destroying economies all over the world. For once the Kiwis got it right. It’s not about “freedom of choice.” It’s about good, old-fashioned protectionism.

    • eCommerce, destroying economies? How do you work that one out? What it does is cut out the fat that sits in the middle doing nothing but still wanting to clip the ticket. Go do some research, you can go online and buy anything from painkillers to laptops, pay for individual item airfreight, pay the import duty, GST and MAF charges and still save enough to make the wait worthwhile. On top of that, we get the dross that the world doesn’t want, look at the reviews of the top 10 USA or European laptops for example, you won’t see them for sale here! Retail stores will close down, people worldwide will buy 90% of their good online, get used to it! If your in retail, here’s a tip, get into transportation 🙂

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