Another RWC 2011 Rip-Off Story – Waikato Hotels Warned

Another cautionary tale about rip off prices during the 2011 Rugby World Cup has emerged.

Ceana Priest, writing for the Waikato Times said that Waikato motels have been warned not to price gouge ahead of the RWC:

Waikato Motel Association president Mike Ward said hiking up room rates during peak demand was a “bloody rip-off” and would be detrimental to the region long-term.

His comments come ahead of Waikato Stadium hosting three RWC matches in September and October…”

The report went on to state that a standard guest room at the  Novotel Tainui will cost $772 during the All Blacks v. Japan match on 16 Sept 2011. The Ibis hotel is charging $625 a night and both hotels are said to have implemented a minimum three night policy. Read the full report here: Hotel Price Gouging a Bloody Rip Off.

The Waikato stadium is situated in Hamilton and only has a capacity of 25,800 according to Wikipedia, but that can be extended with the addition of temporary seating.

It was host to one of the matches of the controversial 1981 Springbok tour, when it used to be called Rugby Park. The game against Waikato was called off in front of a full house. A pitch invasion by several hundred anti-tour protestors and rumours that a light aircraft had been stolen from Taupo and was headed for Rugby Park proved too much for the authorities. (source)

Back in September 2009 we highlighted that there was an anticipated bed shortage in Hamilton during the Rugby World Cup matches and people were being warned even then not to hike prices. The impending bed shortage has been known about for some time but has any effort been made to alleviate the problem? Read Hamilton Too “Boring” for Springbok Tour, World Cup Bed Shortage:

“Accommodation shortage and price gouging
It will be interesting to see how many Rugby World Cup cup fans will decide to do the same in 2011 and fly-in for specific matches, especially as there is a reported lack of accommodation in many of the match locations. Trans-Tasmin travel is destined to become cheaper soon with the introduction of ‘domestic’ flights between NZ and Australia. See New Zealand may fall short of world cup beds (Travelmole)

Some homeowners have already been warned not to hike prices, executive homes near Eden Park are rumoured to be going for $4,000-$5,000 during the week of the final. Final tickets are estimated to cost $800 dollars and New Zealanders are already being offered 6 month buy-now-pay-later schemes…”

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“Beck Vass, writing in today’s Herald, has highlighted the astronomical prices some New Zealand hotels are quoting for rooms during next year’s rugby world cup.

The paper cited a quote of $2,400 per night which the Novotel in Christchurch gave to a tour operator, who was too embarrassed to tell his clients that hotels were charging so much…”

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