Rip Off New Zealand: Buy Your All Blacks Jersey Overseas, It’s Cheaper

New Zealand is expensive

Today we heard about another “Rip Off New Zealand” story, the news that All Blacks shirts were twice as expensive in New Zealand than they are overseas. What can be the reason for this?

Adidas New Zealand is defending the high cost of All Blacks jerseys in the wake of revelations the same jersey is selling for half the price overseas.

The Rugby World Cup edition of this year’s jersey costs more than $200 in most New Zealand retail outlets but the same jersey can be picked up for under $100 online in the United States.

Adidas New Zealand’s country manager David Huggett told RadioSport that the cost depends to some extent on currency fluctuations…

Really? the  soaring NZ dollar must be very volatile indeed if it can cause exports to decrease by 100%,  surely they should be cheaper in New Zealand than in the States.

The new All Blacks jersey is available online at for just $79.95 US dollars. source

We’d like to know which country the polyester shirts are made in, we think it’s New Zealand but we’d like to be sure.

If they are New Zealand made why are they half the price abroad and why do retailers in New Zealand think they can charge a massive premium for them?

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NZ:100% pure rip off

It all started with an article in the NZ Herald under the header “NZ: 100% Pure Rip-off. Rip off New Zealand?” written by Peter Bills, an international writer for Independent News & Media.

Guys, just 14 months out from the 2011 Rugby World Cup, you are sleep-walking into acquiring such an unwanted reputation worldwide.

The price of ordinary, everyday articles and living costs horrify me in this country. I’ve been here, admired the place, loved the people since 1975. I wasn’t even put off by my first ever weekend in New Zealand – 17cm of rain in 24 hours and sitting shin-deep in water at Eden Park as the All Blacks aqua-planed past Scotland in that infamous 1975 test.

But what I see today is of far, far greater concern. This place is becoming one of the most expensive I visit, one giant rip-off. And most of you seem unaware of it.”…more here

Another RWC 2011 Rip-Off Story – Waikato Hotels Warned

Another cautionary tale about rip off prices during the 2011 Rugby World Cup has emerged. Ceana Priest, writing for the Waikato Times said that Waikato motels have been warned not to price gouge ahead of the RWC:

“Waikato Motel Association president Mike Ward said hiking up room rates during peak demand was a “bloody rip-off” and would be detrimental to the region long-term.

His comments come ahead of Waikato Stadium hosting three RWC matches in September and October…”

The report went on to state that a standard guest room at the  Novotel Tainui will cost $772 during the All Blacks v. Japan match on 16 Sept 2011. The Ibis hotel is charging $625 a night and both hotels are said to have implemented a minimum three night policy. Read the full report here: Hotel Price Gouging a Bloody Rip Off…read on

What Kiwis say about NZ: Land of the big rip off

“Why is everything so expensive here? Are retailers just greedy or is it the government making it that hard for the retailers to make a living that drives the extorsion they call retail pricing.
I have been looking for a new pair of running shoes; i’ve shopped around & the ones I want are $279 here in NZ… yet I can buy them (& just have) from USA for $39.99 plus $22 freight.
I also bought a new telescopic sight for my fathers rifle from the same store for $69.99 which has been put in the same box so no extra freight charge on that item. The exact same sight here is $498.

C’mon NZ, stop ripping us all off…” more here

7 thoughts on “Rip Off New Zealand: Buy Your All Blacks Jersey Overseas, It’s Cheaper

  1. The rip-off prices are accross the board.
    I needed a new AVR for my generator so I looked up and they are selling them for $134+GST. They are China made and sell ex factory for US$2.20 plus postage US$43 DHL
    I ended up buying one from the UK for UKP12 +UKP2.50 postage. Go figure…

  2. I wonder where the “harden the fxxk up” or “don’t be a tangi weto” phrase is in that article.
    An excessive, dogmatic defence of bad practices…
    eventually visits itself on the people who defend it.

    • P Ray, can you believe that one of the solutions the retailers have to this ‘problem’ is for the government to impose taxes and duties on imported goods to bring them UP to NZ prices? i.e. the retailers want the government to rip-off people as much as they do!

      Whatever happened to a free trade economy? it’s about time for the NZ market to make an adjustment.

    • An adjustment for free trade economy would mean hardworking and competent people get hired.
      Since the competent and hardworking people cannot gets jobs that use their skills or provide the remuneration they require:
      – if immigrant, they work below their qualifications but suffer the negative reputation of “you are no good, hence you only have an entry level job! You are stealing our jobs!”
      – if domestic, they go overseas teaching English (Asia seems to be a good choice, you only require a degree, ANY degree and the correct pigmentation).
      Of course, this isn’t a complete picture. The English gig may dry up, at which point they come home providing new fuel for the idea “Immigrants get out, you stole our entry-level jobs”(I wonder how many Kiwi firms think that teaching English overseas qualifies a person for a better job? When even those working at student contact positions for technical subjects can’t get a break?) Nevermind the fact that while the immigrants were busy preparing to “steal” the jobs they had no safety net via benefits and few rights.
      It’s starting to look like the beginning of interesting times, indeed.

  3. Hi, yes as a kiwi in Australia it’s the same here with online retail so much cheaper from the US, than rip off retail. Even with gst and their duty costs, there is still a massive gap. It is still worth the minor inconvenience of waiting for post overseas when you can close to save 50% or more..
    I do think though think it’s a little unfair that you imply it’s NZ only which is a rip off, it’s worse in Australia, only 10% gst for starters and has a much bigger population ie theoretical cheaper pricing. The increase in the value of both NZ and AUD currencies and the convenience of worldwide shopping has finally laid price discrepancies bare between countries. But I do have sympathy for retailers though and would point the finger more at shopping centre landlords, government compliance costs and middlemen distributors rather than straight profiteering of shops. The whole retail process needs a shake up otherwise everybody will just move to online shopping.

    • Georgia this is a current affairs blog about New Zealand.

      Why are you still in Australia, wouldn’t you be better off in New Zealand if it’s cheaper there?

      How much are AB shirts retailing for in Australia?

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