9 Year Old Drunk at Hamilton Skatepark ‘symptom of booze culture’ but police say its ‘rare’ ?

NZ’s justice system has a peculiar way of looking at things

Despite New Zealand’s booze culture being under sharp scrutiny police have yet to take any action against the adult who gave/sold alcohol to the drunk 9 year old in Hamilton. (Watch the video here and read about how Kiwi kids are drinking themselves to death)

From Stuff.co.nz

“Police have yet to lay charges against those responsible for getting a 9-year-old boy so drunk he was sick, and a top alcohol counsellor warns the case is a symptom of New Zealand’s shocking drinking culture…”

The video immediately went viral with hundreds of news sites, social network sites and blogs replicating it.

Lid blown off children’s alcohol abuse

Police interviewed several people in relation to the incident yesterday, but no charges have been laid.

…The incident has blown the lid off the issue of alcohol abuse involving children, Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Counselling clinical manager Roger Brooking said.He called it a symptom of New Zealand’s shocking booze culture and lax liquor laws, …”

Viral video helps to highlight issue

“This incident … is to be expected in a society where alcohol is so cheap and so readily available,” he said. It was a “wake up call for New Zealand, but unfortunately it seems our politicians are asleep at the wheel.”

He said a high number of his clients started drinking alcohol before the age of 12 and if it wasn’t for video footage of Tuesday’s incident going viral, the issue would not be a topic of discussion. “That kind of thing is not unusual, it mostly happens in the privacy of people’s homes.”

Hamilton teens and NZ police living in different realities

NZ police, who were critised for not attending quickly enough,  appear extremely keen to play down the incident, whilst teens affected by the issue want to do something about it. The film’s producer Bradley Goudie is leading the advance.

“Goudie said he had seen children, aged 8 to 13, getting drunk “off their faces” at Fairfield Park and in the city on several occasions.

However, Hamilton Police Acting Inspector Kent Holdsworth said it was an extreme case and “a rarity” in his 23 years of policing.

Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker is likely to ask her council to think about extending the city’s liquor ban, after viewing the video this week…”

Mike King‘s Facebook followers said

Mike King

mike king 2

Maybe Hamilton police need to spend more time on the beat if they’re not seeing what other people see? Is it any wonder that New Zealand’s reported crime statistics are falling?

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Unlikely friendships are developing in the Waikato, and the result is less crime…

“What we are trying to do is work with people coming out of prison predominately, and help them with what put them into prison in the first place,” says Senior Sergeant Kent Holdsworth. “They have often come to this point of contemplation in their life and we are trying to assist them to walk away from their life of crime.”

The programme between Hamilton police and Corrections officially started in July. So far 30 prisoners who have a medium to high risk of reoffending have agreed to take part. Only two have re-offended since being released – one a burglary, the other involved in a fight.

“Amazing success rate, I’m very pleased to say,” says Mr Holdsworth. “To date there has probably been a 90 percent reduction in offending, which is fantastic.”…

New Zealand’s Justice System Favours Families of Influence – Name Suppression for Leader’s Son Caught Drink Driving in Gisborne

New Zealanders are reminded they have a two-tier justice system which again favours the families of the rich, famous and influential.

The name of a teenager caught for drink driving in Gisborne is to be suppressed so as not to embarrass his “prominent leader” father. Furthermore, according to Stuff, he will apply for a discharge without conviction (interestingly, that latter part was notably missing from a NZ Herald report, which suggests the leader may be a politician).

The case was moved from Gisborne and heard in Auckland in a effort to avoid further publicity, and presumably links back to prominent families in Gisborne… more

One thought on “9 Year Old Drunk at Hamilton Skatepark ‘symptom of booze culture’ but police say its ‘rare’ ?

  1. It is not rare. They “worship their drink”. http://answers.net.nz/Other/Alcohol.htm
    Snip from that site – State of our Nation, New Zealand


    Another plague in our country, New Zealanders worship their drink. History records mans struggle with alcohol, 1750s, 1829s and 1930s. In every country with liberal laws, alcohol is a ‘curse’. It fuels riots and hooliganism, nothing’s changed.

    Any government soft on alcohol invites trouble as “Crime and alcohol go hand in hand”. It’s fruit, “vandalism, harassment, threats, physical assault, kids out of control, intimidation, rioting, child abuse, high levels of domestic violence and predatory sexual behaviour”.

    Today it’s an insurmountable problem. Restrictions are criticized [and ignored] and legislation is so liberal we have problems unheard of just 40 years ago like underage binge drinking (kids 16-13 even 10). There’s only about 4 MILLION PEOPLE in New Zealand and its our most damaging drug. In 2003 ‘$2-3 billion dollars worth of economic and social harm each year’. In 2009 NZ consumed ‘300 million litres of beer’. Today we have Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation clinics up and down the country, as NEVER before [more are needed]. In 2011 80% of crime is alcohol or drug related…. costs the country around $6.8 billion per-year. That year just the summer drunken street brawls cost $2.8 million in ACC claims (4030 cases reported). In 2012 ‘Drug courts’ will be set up costing $94,000 a year. It gets worse because drinkers legislate the drinking – imagine Heroin addicts legislating Heroin?
    As you walk innocently along the street sidewalk, passing a cafe, you turn to see who made that crude remark about your wife next to you. Then, one needless pointless punch to YOUR head by a drunk can give YOU brain damage, loss of life, years of therapy, dentistry, takeaway YOUR enjoyment of life for the rest of YOUR life, and it need not have happened. But it did, because our governments pasted special laws to allow street cafes to serve alcohol. And they don’t care about the results.

    New Zealand doesn’t have a minimum legal drinking age but a minimum purchase age. New Zealand Labour in 1999 is responsible for wreaking kids lives by lowering the drinking age to 16. A recycled problem for the next generation. The younger the more likely kids become addicted and greater damage. Its a FAR BIGGER problem for kids than drugs. Yet both National and Labour signed a Death Warrant. Our politicians are big drinkers, with their State Funded dinners and free travel. What silly comments made in the Debating Chamber, “We mustn’t spoil the fun of many because of a few”. Labour’s Ruth Dyson (ex-Minister for ACC) voted to lower the age and ironically was arrested for drunk-driving (yet voted back into parliament regardless). And today National Party (the alcohol party) ignore the problem, PM John Key says “more research is needed”.

    Years ago journalists (“NZ Herald”) laughed and mocked at “teetotallers” saying “the world won’t end – the sky won’t fall down” But it did for those killed on the roads, their families – those with a life-long addiction, the victims of violence, those suffering child abuse, jail, brain damage and loss of employment. I have to laugh, some of the comments made today. ‘Beer is good for your teeth’. Really? Yet the other guy drinking beer smashed your teeth out. Another, ‘those who drink alcohol live longer.’ How can that be? What is there in the substance that spins you head, is bad for the liver, heart, testicles, brain, and fills the hospitals that makes you live longer?

    If ‘prohibition doesn’t work’, then why not remove restrictions on drinking and driving? Multi-million dollar Liqueur lobbies convinced our tax-eager, morally literate government to change laws. Money drunk Liqueur companies say you should ‘drink moderately, so you live longer’. So logically you consume more and they profit. They are profit rich and our government tax rich.

    The government has ‘invested millions’ of tax payer dollars in the wine “industry” with special laws to increase wine production, export and consummation. But most New Zealander’s don’t care. 50% of kids are provided alcohol by parents who love their “good bottle of wine” and their “quiet drink”. Some want to ‘normalize’ it. How can you ‘normalize’ what after consumption makes you fall over, or drive a car and kill someone? Drinkers are renown to reward themselves with special venues of ‘free-drinks’ via the tax-payer, business or social-club expense. If marijuana was legal it would be free marijuana. With this simplistic attitude, no wonder our media rarely blame alcohol for ruined lives, health problems, violence, vandalism and broken families. Be sure whatever tinkering of the law, binge drinking will remain a long term problem and the real cost under reported.

    Government lobbyists don’t want to stop children drinking, just drink less. Years ago they said normalization and public acceptance means drunkenness will disappear. They see no reason to protect kids or make it harder to obtain. But rather take ‘soft-drinks’ out of schools because of ‘high sugar’ levels, rather than stop kids drinking. Now we have ‘school balls’ providing alcohol for kids.

    Years ago the old teetotallers were right – “Making alcohol more available and accessible will increase abuse”. It has and it did!! Today, “80% of prisoners have an alcohol problem”. And it’s “the chief cause of vitamin deficiency among civilized people…” (The Vitamin Bible). Strange how the hype over ‘RED wine’ is silent about red grape juice. If RED wine is so wonderful, why the silence about RED grape juice? Alcohol is not good for you, it targets the liver, stomach, heart, and brain and no amount is safe especially in the body over night. The very last people that should drink – young girls are sucked into the drinking culture (because of liberal laws). So today Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Spectrum Disorder, has more than doubled in NZ. This has long term consequences for children and society and our governments don’t give a toss.

    The brainwashing ad’s on TV said, “It’s not the drinking, it’s the way we’re drinking”. Silly, because “moderate drinking”. is the problem! Drinking in moderation is not the solution to the problem; it is the main cause of it. How else do drunks get drunk? It numbs the mind kills brain cells) once clouded, they continue drinking. In effect, the ad says, “It’s not the drug, ‘it’s the way’ we’re drugged” ie ‘It’s not the cocaine we must “ease back” on the coke.

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