Bradley Goudie re-Published Drunk 9 Year Old Video – NZ’s Skateparks Used as Training Area for Thugs

From Bradley GoudieMedia:

Published on Jan 7, 2014

“This video is NO LONGER MONETIZED as Youtube has rejected it. The money made from this video was originally going to be donated to New Zealand Youth/Child Services. Instead I have linked a bunch of charities below.


Time to reveal one of the BIGGEST issues in New Zealand, under-aged drinking. This sort of behavior is despicable. Not only is the boy in danger, but his behavior also puts other kids around the skate park at risk. Sure, this was reported to the police but what are they really going to do about it? Skate parks all over the country are used by up coming thugs as a sort of training area for bad behavior because there are never surveillance camera’s or consistent rules/regulations. Rocking up to Fairfield skatepark only to find an 8 or 9 year old highly intoxicated… You may think this video is funny, but there’s a point where it becomes serious as alcohol intake can cause serious impalement (sic) and damaging to the brain.”

Listen to his mother’s response here:

Pictures published of her other children with beer bottles

The NZ Herald has been sent a picture of the woman’s 2 other children and a group of kids and an adult all holding beer bottles in garden. It published the photo but later cropped it to focus mostly on her children and excluded the child in a nappy and the adult.

This is what the original photo looked like kids

A picture showing a man posing with four children – including two brothers of the boy in the video – holding bottles of beer was forwarded to the Weekend Herald.

Among the group is a smiling toddler in a nappy who is also holding a bottle of beer.

The photograph was allegedly taken at a friend’s house without the mother’s knowledge.

Police still clueless

Despite the size of this small Hamilton community, or rather because of it, Police say they have still to find out who supplied the alcohol. Even if they did we’re not sure that any New Zealand laws have been broken.

That is potentially highly embarrassing for the present government, given the high amount of alcohol abuse in New Zealand and the number of children receiving treatment for alcoholism.

Children drinking themselves to death in New Zealand

The Chief Coroner said he was “shocked and frustrated” by the high number of very young teens (some as young as 13) who drink themselves to death in New Zealand. It’s another symptom of the country’s hard drinking/binge drinking culture.

Children as young as nine are among the hundreds of young people aged under 16 that are being treated for alcohol and drugs addiction – and that’s just in Auckland. The numbers of children receiving treatment is on the rise – there was a 20% increase in 2010 when we last looked at the figures.

Two counsellors have taken legal action against a Hamilton school (Melville High School) claiming the high number of student suicides and deaths left them suffering post-traumatic stress disorder…Counsellors were required to deal with self-harming, death, suicide, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, sexual abuse, depression and eating disorders…”source

Map showing distance from the skate park to Melville High School

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British Cop in Northland: NZ’s “Crime Statistics a Work of Fiction”

…The level of incompetence is unbelievable and any suggestion to try something new (to them) is treated with scorn. I’ve never seen the levels of repetitive drink driving and family violence I’ve seen in NZ and I spent 10 years in UK Policing. As for the crime statistics their a work of fiction worthy of a Booker prize! There is a huge criminal underclass in this country and everyone knows who they are but aren’t prepare to do anything meaningful about them due to ‘political correctness’, meanwhile they rape, rob, harm and kill with almost impunity…

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    An update from E2NZ on LF’s post. Seems Like the New Zealand Police and YouTube tried to pull a swifty, the cops claiming that they had asked YouTube to take the video down and youtube simultaneously claiming it violated their terms and conditions – Yeah Right.
    The fact is readers, New Zealand as a country is unique when it comes to YouTube, the police have a very cosy little relationship and whatsmore access via the country’s government owned arse licking broadcaster TVNZ.
    Years ago LF had problems with YouTube pulling our videos that incriminated cops at the request of NZ Police, so we in turn pulled our YouTube account and now publish ourselves.

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