“What the world thinks of us”

breaking the fourth wall

Take down fictional boundaries brick by brick


“What the world thinks of us”

The above sentence is a title from a thread on the Trademe.co.nz forum. This is the link http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages.aspx?id=1368366&topic=0

Here’s a screen grab.

what people think

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There is an antidote to the Kool-Aid

Please read our welcome page to see how long New Zealand has been deliberately mis-sold to migrants.

The same formula that was used back in the bad old days of the New Zealand company is still in use now. The strategy is ‘as old as the hills’ but hey! why let openness and integrity get in the way of a successful strategy?

Sites like this one and the old expatexposed.com aim toKool-Aid Man

strip away the myths – an antidote to the Kool-Aid, if you will.

AT this stage a couple of great articles for you to read  would be “Smugly standing idle, with our hands out…NZ not part of real civilisation” and “A Niggling Fear It Might Actually Be Sh*t” . They were both written by New Zealanders, proof that some are able to overcome their conditioning.

We wish you a cheerful Christmas,  happy Hanukkah & a fabulous Festivus.

7 thoughts on ““What the world thinks of us”

  1. typical “personal and vicious” discourse we came to realise was typical of New Zealand. No one seeing the truth and everyone piling on if you tell it. Just typical.

  2. On the contrary finding a ‘solution’ is the first step towards changing things.

    You may have a long wait for a real leader and that doesn’t absolve you from the responsibility to do something now.

    In the meantime there are some community issues that New Zealand needs to address – youth crime, unemployment, gangs, inter-generational poverty…

    • Dear E2NZ, I allready mentioned things of our NZ quotidienne life, in my personal blog, wich unfortunaltely resulted in endless bullying … People only believe what they want to believe, and they don’t really care for others, even if they are speaking the truth…
      Anyway, let me think about it, and I might do it 🙂

  3. When I left, after 4 years in NZ, friends and strangers were shocked with my incompetence to further stay in the country…When I explained that I actually run to save myself and my family, they wouldn’t believe…Even thow I am Greek and Greece is ravaged by the economic crisis, I still feel I did the right thing and came back in my homeland, and I don’t have to experience bullying, every day of my life, or no medical care, or lack of security…
    From now on, when they ask me how it was, I ‘ll suggest them to read this blog!

  4. The Kiwi cultists are out in force making excuses and blaming the migrants. The most comical excuse is that migrants should have “done their research” and understood advertising deceptions. Clearly, these Kiwi dimwits do not understand the distinction between puffery and outright false misrepresentation.

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