“New Zealand Migration Agents Cheating Malaysians Thousands Of Ringgit!”

This was recently sent to us by one of our readers.

If you are thinking of emigrating to New Zealand please read it, and the comments that were left on the site where it was originally published.

It was first published on Margeemar.blogspot.com

New Zealand Migration Agents Cheating Malaysians Thousands Of Ringgit! By Admin

If you have applied for skilled migration to New Zealand and have been told by your migration agent that you have qualified for migration, please do not believe it!
Unscrupulous migration agents based in Kuala Lumpur have been conducting roadshows across the country claiming that individuals who are professionals with related work experience can be accepted for Permanent Residence (PR) in New Zealand.

What these unscrupulous migration agents would tell you is that you have qualified for the minimum 100 points required for getting your PR. Go here http://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/ They would then ask you to pay between RM 8,000 to RM 9,000 (non refundable) and submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

What they don’t tell you is that upon submitting your EOI, the New Zealand Government would only select those with 140 points even though the minimum requirement is 100 points. What happens next is that your application will sit in a ‘pool’ for 6 months where you would be asked to renew your application with additional charges.

The Scribe calls on all those who have been duped by these unscrupulous migration agents to report them to the local authorities and the New Zealand government if they refuse to give you a refund. It is understood that these migration agents have cheated Malaysians thousands of Ringgit. This has to stop!

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