Migrant Tales – Get Out of New Zealand or Die on the Street

Continuing our series of Migrant Tales, first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand taken from places around the net.

Today’s tale was first published on a NZ forum which has since closed down.

My partner and I wanted to move to Australia to work and live.

We tried for 2 years to get long term work in NZ to save for the move to Australia, got 1 job each but short lived as the employers now just kick you out when the “3 month trial” is up and we did everything to in our power to be the best workers possible so that we could keep our jobs as we needed them badly but the employers can say anything they like and dismiss you for no reason then just employ another as there is 40 or more going for every job they are never short of people and they get away with paying you at the lowest rate ($13.50 an hour) as they only have to pay you more IF they keep you on (pass the 3 month “trial”).

I did a welding course and got my tickets within only 14 weeks for the Christchurch “rebuild” got a temp job but didn’t last long then got a 2nd for a month then a 3rd for about a week then i was only getting work for like 1 – 2 days a week maybe if I was lucky, my partner had nothing! My welding tickets seemed to mean nothing in interviews anymore, After applying and door knocking, we were not getting enough to pay the $230 a week for the rent so I had to get to the doctor and say I was depressed because everything we did got us nothing (my only hope of keeping us off the street was a benefit) so I got a sickness benefit for 4 months and sold my car and moved to my partners mum and dads house and saved, we applied for jobs in Melbourne and the first 20 i applied for I got an email and he even offered me the job and I could start when we get there!!

4 months later I’m still working, my partner found work the 2nd week we got here and its awesome and we would never go back to NZ.

New Zealand is a rotten life of stress, worry and poverty, drunk teens, teen prostitutes, teens huffing butane and dieing, teens shooting their caregivers, parents putting their kids in the dryer and hanging them on the line, schools full of drugs and videos of kids bashing each other posted on YouTube, milk and cheese that costs twice its worth, no work, get paid less and taxed more every day, unemployment high but unemployment benefits getting cut and no jobs for the unemployed, food prices that go up every day, unsolved murders and rapes, police doing unthinkable crimes and getting away with it, a messed up government that act and fight like children, Asians and Indians that flood in every day and get treated like kings and we (new zealanders) get traded like trash and that’s less than 2% of the crap that goes on there! If we were still there we would still be FU%#ED and I reckon on the street with no house.

Sorry but its all true.

5 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – Get Out of New Zealand or Die on the Street

  1. We emigrated last year from UK, and that was the worst move of my life. Totally low life in NZ.

  2. I have emigrated to welington from Sydney and have lived here for 6 weeks. I know its early days but I think I have been very naive coming here. Tomorrow i have an interview for a job that pays $20 an hour (I am a professional). I’m really concerned about the minimum wage here as its so low. As far as I can see unless you are a politician, civil servant or IT worker there is very little work for the rest of us. I am regretting leaving Sydney and I obviously took for granted a lot of things whilst living there. Normal things like running a car will not be possible here and I pay a dollar a day for the priviledge of having gas even though I can’t afford to use it for heating. Gutted…….

    • And yet we are told in the paper that life is very hard in Australia and that Aussies and Brits are now lining up in droves wanting to move back to Nz which I find a wee bit hard to believe. Nz is a low wage economy. If you ask some locals about the low pay they will say “oh but I wouldn’t move out of Nz cause it’s like that everywhere”, or “There is no where else I would want to live as the scenery is so beautiful here”
      Even if it is actually written down in black and white about the cost of living being high in nz compared to say, the uk, people will say”oh no its just as bad over there”

  3. I would also add that if this “get treated like kings” includes being lied to by people in my cohort, getting told that “there’s nothing wrong with your resume, but this economy is tough all around” and “you need kiwi experience” or “we only hire people who are permanent residents” (seems the Universities are the only “open-to-all-races”-work places) …
    why yes, then I did get treated like a king.

  4. Asians and Indians that flood in every day and get treated like kings and we (new zealanders) get traded like trash
    Well, pay 5x the fees of locals, and see how you get treated.
    Somebody forgot the price factor, it seems.
    Of course, don’t forget how many of those people “being treated like kings” are driving taxis or working at Maccas.

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