Polocrosse in New Zealand is a Pastime, Isn’t it? –updated

USA v. New Zealand women, and South African v. Australian men, World Cup 2011, UK

Polocrosse, a curious fusion of polo and lacrosse, may be played in New Zealand but it isn’t anything more than a middle class hobby.

There aren’t any professional NZ sportsmen or NZ sportswomen who make a living out of it, yet. It doesn’t put bread on the table, so to speak.

It must cost a lot to keep a horse, feed it, transport it to events, ship it overseas for competitions, shoe it, pay vets bills etc. Not something that poor or disadvantaged people do, one would need a great deal of money to be able to compete at  a high level in this pastime.

Team South Africa won the men’s Polocrosse world cup, which was held in the UK in 2011.  Team USA beat the NZ women to win their round.

No word yet as to the location of the next one, but it does appear to be quite a big sport in Australia, who takes the credit for inventing it.

“Australian Made, Internationally Played!

The Polocrosse Association of Australia boasts a membership over 4000 players nationwide spanned over 119 clubs within the 7 states and territories. We are the largest Polocrosse country in the World…”

The 2011 world cup was the first to be held outside of Australia.

The previous 2 World Cup events were held at Morgan Park in Warwick Queensland with “Australia taking out the World Champions trophy in both 2003 and 2007 from New Zealand and the United Kingdom respectively.”

It’s good to see New Zealand mustered up teams for these competitions, they must be very keen to take some silverware home next time.

But it must cost a small fortune to ship a horse over to Australia and compete with the world’s best. Of course finance is not the only obstacle, presumably one would need the correct visa and a clean criminal record to be allowed into to the country to compete.

Perhaps a sponsorship deal would be a good idea, any takers? Given the close association between alcohol and sport in New Zealand perhaps a drinks company may be interested.


On the subject of alcohol and sport. A drink-driving “sportwoman” from Gisborne, who was recently let off after being caught drink driving, is due back in court shortly to have her case reviewed.

According to a report in the NZ Herald

“A drink-driving sportswoman will have her case re-heard after a High Court justice found there was no evidence to support her discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression.

The Gisborne sportswoman has been ordered back before the District Court to be sentenced for a second time, after High Court Justice Christopher Allan ruled her legal team provided no evidence that a conviction would jeopardise her ability to compete overseas.

Justice Allan, in his judgement released today, said the claim by the woman’s lawyers that there was a threat to her competing in the United Kingdom if she was convicted had not been backed up with any proof…” more here

In January the Maori woman pleaded guilty to having  more than double the legal limit of alchol in her blood whilst driving – 801 micrograms per litre of breath. For more about that story click on the links below. The “sportswoman” is said to be currently competing overseas.

“The woman is not well-known nationally and does not play a mainstream sport, police have confirmed.” source

Police appeal athlete’s drink drive ruling

Polocrosse in New Zealand is a Pastime, Isn’t it?

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