Anti-Gay NZ Beer Gets London Olympic Kiwi Sponsorship Deal

A New Zealand alcohol producer, with a reputation of using anti-gay slogans to sell its beer, has won an official sponsorship deal with the New Zealand Olympic team.

The company, which doesn’t need any more publicity than it deserves, is responsible for the Low Carb Beer is Queer campaign.

It has a number of new campaign posters for next years event, all displaying the Olympic symbol topped with a NZ Silver Fern, including this one

Straight Beer

As far as we are aware there has not been a reaction yet from the Olympic committee, or their London hosts,  voicing their thoughts about the Olympic symbol being associated with homophobic slurs, even those made in jest to sell beer.

Just why Olympic athletes at the top of their game would want to associate themselves with beer, regardless of their sexual orientation,  is a mystery. Most athletes probably leave the stuff well alone and with good reason, apart from certain NZ rugby players. Has the association between sport and alcohol gone too far in New Zealand? After young  Zac Guildford’s drunken antics there is a growing case for removing alcohol sponsorship from sport, perhaps even stopping advertising completely.

One can only imagine that the bigger, more established NZ beer companies don’t see an Olympic  connection with their product. Which is why none of them have to resort to shock-jock tactics to sell it.

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  1. Actually, Lesbians were around & documented THOUSANDS of years ago, on the Greek island of Lesvos… Spelled “lesbos” in Greeklish…. So the ignoramuses who claim lesbians weren’t around a mere FIFTY years ago (!!) just ate their diseased foot once again.

  2. Unethicality aside, it’s just plain lame. Schoolyard level mentality. Reflects the general level of maturity here.

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