“Want A Job, Bro?”

There are some very funny mock-ups doing the rounds during the NZ election campaign.

We here at E2NZ liked this one especially. It’s a skit on a  highly popular anti-drink driving campaign currently being aimed at NZ youth (with a nod to the chip eating Beached Whale cartoon)  It was tweeted by KendallForbes from MoreFM

Want a job Bro?

This is the original Land Transport New Zealand ‘Legend’ video

One thought on ““Want A Job, Bro?”

  1. I always liked that ghost chips public service campaign too, spotlighting humourously the discomfort involved in taking people’s keys from them! Good show on that one.

    I also like the Media Design School’s award-winning piece called First Contact. The aliens’ faces and modus operandi are so Kiwi that it’s almost too real to be funny,.but you’ll laugh anyway. 8-D

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