Gisborne Sportswoman DUI – Press Release from Conservative Party of New Zealand

drink driving kills

The Conservative Party of New Zealand has added its voice to the storm of protest at a judge’s decision to allow a Kiwi sportswoman to walk free from court on a DUI charge, affording her the added privilege of permanent name suppression so that she could compete overseas.

PRESS RELEASE: Court Priority Misplaced   

Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig is pleased police are considering an appeal against the Gisborne District Court decision that saw a sportswoman discharged without conviction on drink driving charges, and granted permanent name suppression.

“It appears the facts were not at issue here, but that the discharge was based on the offender’s personal status and occupation,” Mr Craig says.“It’s entirely inappropriate to have a double standard when it comes to the application of the law,” he says.

“It doesn’t matter what a person’s individual status or occupation is; if they’ve been proven to have broken the law, they should be convicted.”

“The court’s priority in this case is misplaced. Justice is not about protecting the offender. It’s about protecting the general public and victims.”

“The general public were put at risk when this person broke the law, and there must be consequences for that. There certainly should have been a conviction in this case, at the minimum one for Excessive Blood Alcohol (EBA),” says Mr Craig.

“The public needs to know that the justice system will work on our behalf and not be swayed by an individual’s status.”


For background to this story read Kiwi Sportswoman Awarded Name Suppression and Discharge for DUI Charge, Free to Drink Drive Again – updated

Police are currently seeking legal advice on whether to appeal against the judge’s decision.


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