Auckland’s “Third World Rail” System

A TVNZ report has highlighted the shocking state of Auckland’s train system, which failed on the opening night of the rugby world cup, resulting in hundreds (thousands?) of fans missing the opening ceremony and match:

Third World rail system

The scenes of rail chaos in Auckland on Friday night back up the findings of the  World Economic Forum – it’s ranked New Zealand’s train system as Third World.

The WEF report into rail infrastructure has seen New Zealand ranked number  47 out of 142 nations – behind Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Azerbaijan.

Veolia Transport, the company contracted by Auckland Transport to provide the city’s train services, has revealed they were only expecting 15,000 people to use their service on Friday, backing the Forum’s ranking.

The Council for Infrastructure Development says operations and funding need to be looked at.

Chief executive Stephen Selwood says $2 or $3 tolls on motorways are needed to support further investment in the public transport system…” more here

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2 thoughts on “Auckland’s “Third World Rail” System

  1. plenty of these.

    won’t compare to the footage of any future earthquake in Wellgton though, can you picture the tragety andmess that would be!

  2. It’s not only the rail, that’s the tip of the iceberg, it’s the whole country (rheumatic fever, 1/5 kids in poverty…)

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