Overseas Journalists Labelled “Whingers”

Colonial journalists have been labelled Whingers by a NZ Herald columnist Dylan Weaver in his World Cup Weekend Wrap

Among the brickbats and bouquets was a special mention for those jumped-up journos who dared to ignore the mysterious “lecture from high on how to portray the country in a positive light” no doubt risking their corporate hospitality vouchers, Queenstown adventure tourism packages and other little incentives by not keeping their reporting on-message.

This is what those at Expatexposed.com refer to as the Positive Police, and it’s easy to see where they get the phrase from.

Weaver quipped


“After being lectured from on high about how to behave to portray the country in a positive light, it turns out a minority of our past colonial masters are kindly giving us a demonstration on how obnoxiousness can reflect poorly on the nation you represent. Very kind of them. Whinging about anything and everything from the exchange rate (sorry), the prices (really sorry), the stadiums (again, sorry), the beer (so, so sorry).

A colleague overheard a British journalist berating a stadium official in Dunedin on Saturday night when he was merely trying to explain to him that the English players would be going to one end of the mixed zone to do interviews, the Argentines the other. “Christ, can’t this country get anything right,” came the reply.

Honestly, after the hardship some of these guys are going through, they’ll fully deserve that holiday in Skegness.”

But at least it’s safer that river-boarding in Queenstown, or daring to ask those difficult questions when others stand by and clap politely.

Now you know why there is no program of the calibre of BBC’s Hardtalk in New Zealand: far to too much Positivetalk.

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