Aucklanders Have Their Say About World Cup Opening Night

The NZ Herald has invited its readers to have their say on the opening night of the 2011 rugby world cup in Auckland, this is a sample of the responses to

“Did you celebrate the Rugby World Cup opening? Tell us your experience”

Most of them were overwhelmingly negative:


“Very disappointed at the organization. The public transport *system* totally failures and people’s behavior on the streets were appalling. Look at all the shattered beer glasses in the CBD!”

“public transport a shambles”

“Opening Ceremony amazing, Eden Park atmosphere fantastic, crowd control for queens wharf and downtown Zero. Public transport a complete shambles, walked home with family from game as a last resort.  Will drive or taxi for rest of tournament.”

“whose stuff up was this?”

“It’s strange that there were well over 100,000 people downtown but only 15,000 were allowed on to Princess Wharf, the main venue. Lots and lots of disappointed people including many who had flown here from overseas. Whose stuff-up was this? The best part of ther event was the Tongan supporters – what a crazy, colourful, happy bunch of people! They made the day for thousdands of us and didn’t  cost a cent, much better than the expensive acts we never got to see.”

“transportation balls up

Lots of emotions around the opening. Tellingly the only emotion absent about the complete and utter balls up of transportation, was surprise.
Any bets on the chance someone will actually be held accountable for such gross incompetence?

“public transport system a joke

I have to say “I told you so” in regards to the public transport(or rather lack of it)in Auckland yesterday.I may as well have yelled to the wind to stop blowing.The powers that be would never
listen to what Aucklanders truly felt about the public transport system.As was expected the preparation was probably on a “She’ll be right” approach.The AC and various other organisations would have anticipated what volume of people to decend upon the Waterfront and Eden Park.For example if 15,000 people were expected at the Party Central then double or triple that number overall.Don’t merely think exactly 15,000 people will attend.As per usual the public transport *system* of Auckland will again be viewed as a joke.The AC and others have had enough years to prepare for the RWC.They knew how many people would be coming into NZ but as per usual did nothing.
Anyway we enjoyed a panoramic view of the fireworks.Very well done

“Only trying to do the right thing”

Myself and my 9 yr old son travelled 4hours down from the Bay of Islands? As there had been so much press recommending the use of public transport we headed to the Albany Park and Ride.
We arrived at the Albany site at 2pm to find it already full. The NZTA staff rep stopping cars coming into the entrance to the car park told us to park in an NZTA owned paddock next to the site,
which we did, alongside what must have been over a hundred other cars. There were no warning signs on this site that said there was no parking allowed. We came back to the site after the game to find the car missing. It had been towed to another compound less than 2 km away and I was charged $230 to have it released. The NZTA should be ashamed of themselves. We were simply following directions given to us by their staff, trying to do the right thing and use public transport and feel that the spirit with which they have acted is appalling. How about a public comment
on that Mr Len Brown?

“Drunken youths, kids injured”

Mum, Dad, two young teens & an 11 year – destination waterfront.
Train from Sylvia Park at 4:20, arrived in town at 6:30
One person fainted on the train, kids walk past person prostrate on platform, chest bare, surrounded by medical staff.
Toilets – too few, crowds – lots, well behaved so far. Finn brothers as good as I remember them. Fireworks seemed great, but large buildings behind & containers & hoardings against the iron fence of the water front meant view was obscured.
8:10 – fireworks over, out of here. People unable to move, youths, becoming increasingly drunk as the night progresses, pushing past all & sundry causing havoc in their wake. Daughter gets burnt by someone’s cigarette, son gets squashed and arm twisted by barging idiot – he’s trying not to cry. The haka is still on the big screen.
I feel worried – can’t control the environment around the kids, if someone falls, the crowd will feel the release in pressure and surge. Try not to think about it.
1 hr – no trains. Man spews next to son. 2 more hrs – no buses. Bus to anywhere, catch taxi to train station, get car. Home – 1:20 am.
We planned for this Len, it wasn’t an earthquake – fail. Sorry kids.

“Disappointed by the reality”

Why invite 10’s of thousands to a party when the venue only holds 12,000 ? Result was thousands upon thousands of people wandering around town with nothing to see or do. Food & drink very hard to come by, toilets likewise. Having impressed on my kids the once in a lifetime nature of last night they were very disappointed by the reality.
Plus points ? The fireworks (from Parnell Rose Gardens) were excellent, the weather perfect.


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