Another School Attack Hospitalises Student

(For an update to this story read Wanganui Girl’s College Student Bled From Ears (25 March 2011)

Another appalling incidence of female bullying and violence has again occurred in a New Zealand school. Following a disturbing trend in New Zealand the assault was recorded.

This account appeared in yesterday’s Wanganui Chronicle

A Wanganui Girls’ College student had to be admitted to hospital after she was viciously attacked by another student who has been stood down from the school.

The victim, who was rendered unconscious in the attack and was allegedly stomped on her head, is understood to have left the school.

The schoolgirl believed responsible for last week’s assault will next week appear before the school’s board of trustees with her parents.

The assault was recorded, and the video later passed to Whanganui police.

Sergeant Tim Walker confirmed the assault was under investigation.

However, he could not comment further.

Wanganui Girls’ College principal Vivianne Murphy said she was very concerned for the young student injured in the assault…

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What a shame that New Zealand schools can’t be peaceful havens of academic endeavor for their students.

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