Did TVNZ Reveal Suppressed Identities In Electoral Fraud Case?

Did a TVNZ  news report deliberately reveal the identities of two men who have name suppression over an alleged voting scam?

This news report seems to be in a similar vein to the breaches that blogger Cameron Slater was recently prosecuted for.

It will be interesting to see if  TVNZ  will also be prosecuted, and how equitable the application of the law is in New Zealand.

Watch the video here – http://tvnz.co.nz/local-elections-2010/court-appearances-over-alleged-voting-scam-3818752/video?vid=3819506

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Sikhs outraged at alleged voter fraud link

Twelve Sikh groups in New Zealand have issued an angry statement over their being linked to alleged voter fraud in South Auckland…the people under investigation for alleged voter fraud had earlier “hijacked” the New Zealand Sikh Society.

The group had tried to establish a “Supreme Sikh Council of New Zealand”.

“Our community has a history in New Zealand going back to at least 1890 and have always worked hard and honestly,” Mr Singh said.

“It will be an understatement that the community has been increasingly fearful of this group under investigation as they have not only been entrenching themselves in government departments but also criminalising members of our community through duping them into making false declarations in immigration applications.” source