TVNZ Staffer’s Take On Paul Henry

The NZ Herald has published a number of readers comments concerning the recent racist comments made by schlock jock, Paul Henry, on the state sponsored  TVNZ.

The comments may be found here if you want to read them.

There is just one we’d like to share with you, the author “Annabella” claims to be an employee at TVNZ.

She suggests that TV needs people like Paul Henry in order for NZ  to have a financially viable media institution, but that he should be held accountable for his actions and not the TV station.

Annabella (New Zealand)

08:40AM Tuesday, 05 Oct 2010
I work at tvnz and appreciate everything everyone has said here. I agree that Paul Henry’s comments are controversial, out of line, and that he should refrain from spewing his opinion of things on national television.

However I think tvnz is not solely liable. Has anyone even considered the fact that tvnz is a state broadcaster – effectively owned by nz tax payers (is that you?).

If you don’t want a state broadcaster then get rid of Paul Henry, get rid of ratings, get rid of revenue. We (yes; you and I and anyone else who pays tax)need people like Paul Henry on tv, if you want to continue to have a financially viable media instution. I’m sick of hearing “it’s a ratings game”.

Of course it is – we can’t operate without revenue. We can’t get revenue without the ratings. Please could some of you grow up & stop bashing tvnz so vehemently, enough with the sweeping generalisations about our racial attitudes.

Paul Henry does need to be held accountable for his offensive comments – but the finger pointing should be to the individual.

Can you honestly say one of your colleagues would get anything other than a serious telling off for a racially offensive comment? source

Of course the difference is that most people in the workplace are not paid to spew out bigotry in public and offend large sections of the community to increase the profits of their employers.
If  TVNZ wants to increase ratings and profitability it would be better advised to develop some top class, quality broadcasting, rather than indulging New Zealand’s redneck element and embarrassing the country abroad.