Car Mows Down 13 Year Old Girl During Brawl

More children and young people have been injured in an horrific brawl that took place in Hastings at 5pm yesterday.

In what sounds suspiciously like a gang fight (NZ press now coyly use the term “group“) involving machetes and golf clubs,  a ‘group’ of youths attacked  17 year old Saili Fiso,  pushing him through a plate glass window and fracturing his elbow.

“the incident escalated further when one of the three youths involved in the initial assault allegedly drove a car into the group of people who were fighting. The group moved out of the way and a 13-year-old girl who was standing nearby was hit by the car. She is currently in hospital with serious leg injuries.” source

‘Killer’ Nation’s underbelly of Crime and Violence

The incident reminds us of the Edgeware Road killings.

Harry Young  moved from East Lancashire, UK to New Zealand seven years ago, looking for a better life for his family. His daughter Jane, 16, was one of two young women murdered in the Edgeware Road killings, Christchurch just four years later.

Lipine Sila was sentenced to life with a minimum non parole period of 17 years for their deaths.  He’d deliberately driven his car into a group of young people standing at the side of the road.  Mr Young said he’d moved his family from the UK to:

“escape worrying levels of crime, drug abuse and violence in a society he felt was full of social unrest.

He chose “100 per cent Pure” Godzone to live, because of its billing as a safe paradise to raise a family and “to get away from it all“.

Now he feels he made a terrible mistake.

New Zealand has an underbelly of general crime and violence and social practices that’s not really known about,” he says.

The 50-year-old’s view of his new homeland has been changed by his daughter’s horrific murder

Harry Young says his friends and family overseas view New Zealand as a dangerous place after Jane’s death and are now also aware of tourists being “raped and robbed” too.

He says the Corrections Department is failing and should be renamed. Offenders just spend time with other criminals and emerge worse than when they went in… “

Hastings already has a nasty reputation for its gang activities and late night street violence. Days ago a 23 year old was savagely beaten by a gang in neighbouring Napier. But, we’re still shocked that something like this has happened and that NZ youths are still using cars as battering rams during street fights. It belies the myth that New Zealand is a safe place to raise children and that their quality of life is better there than in other western countries.

Our thoughts go out to the children who were injured and their families, we wish them a speedy recovery.

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