Another Bomb In New Zealand

New Zealand, allegedly one of the safest and most peaceful places in the world to live, has just suffered another bomb alert. This form of domestic terrorism has been climbing in popularity recently within the country and sure seems to create a lot of disruption.

This time a bomb was said to have been left in a DIY store in St. Albans, Christchurch

Police are at the scene of a bomb scare on Cranford Street alleged to involve a disgruntled employee of the Placemakers DIY store. Cranford St has been closed to motorists following the incident which is understood to involve an employee of Placemakers who staff claim planted an improvised “bomb” on the premises. He is now being sought by the police.

Gary Bruorton, who lives opposite the Placemakers on Cranford Street in St Albans, said police had told people living nearby to stay inside their homes. “The word is it’s a bomb scare. The staff were evacuated and they are all standing in the street. The alarm went off about 2.40pm and it’s still going.” Bruorton said there were six police officers and four cars on the scene and up to 70 staff and customers from Placemakers standing in the road.

Small World Pre-school teacher Rebecca Roberts said she heard about the bomb scare from a parent who was unable to pick their child up. The  children had been taken inside when police cars arrived in the area, and Roberts said they would not leave until the scare was over.

“At the moment, no-one’s going in and no-one’s going out.”

Other recent bomb alerts include:

Whangarei Intermediate School
School emptied after bomb alert (July)

Taupo IED
An improvised explosive device was left in a 1080 (poison) depot in Broadlands Road, Taupo (June)

Otahuhu Car Bomb
Police cordoned off Princes St East in Otahuhu and evacuated around 50 homes in the Seaside Park-Brady Rd area after being told of a bomb in an abandoned car.

Auckland Bomb Scare
Three banks in lower Auckland were closed after a threat about a bomb in a non-specific ANZ bank was phoned in, sections of Queens Street were closed, causing disruption to the surrounding area (April)

Wellington Bomb Scare
Willeston House in central Wellington was evacuated after a note and email containing a bomb threat was made, cordoned off roads caused major disruption until the site was cleared by bomb squad experts (March)

Christchurch Bomb Scare
In January the Christchurch district court was evacuated after a bomb threat was made

Airline Bomb Threat
This is how New Zealand deals with people that cause major disruption through making bomb threats.  In May two teenage women who made multiple bomb threats to Singapore Airlines, pretending to be terrorists, were sentenced to three months of community detention with a 12 hour daily curfew, 200 hours of community work and 12 months’ supervision.

Isn’t it ironic that New Zealand was recently named as the most peaceful place to live?