Napier Gang Attack, Man In Coma

Looks like gang activity in Napier is still a problem. A 23 year old man was set up by a gang of up to ten people as he walked through Maraenui yesterday morning (Maraenui is the home turf of the Mongrel Mob)  His injuries were so bad that doctors placed him in a coma until today, when police are hoping to talk to him about the assault.

It’s appalling that anyone could be beaten up on a street in broad daylight, but by 10 people? that’s positively inhuman, what an earth is going on in Napier. Did this poor guy wear the wrong colour T shirt, or was his dog lead blue instead of red?

A report of the incident stated:

“Police will this afternoon speak to a Napier man who suffered a beating at the hands of a group in what may be a gang attack.

The 23-year-old sustained a number of blows to the head after he was chased by up to 10 people in the Napier suburb of Maraenui about 10am yesterday.

He was put into an induced coma Hawke’s Bay Hospital after the assault. However, he was now out of the coma and police hoped to interview him around lunchtime, Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Reid said.

Police have not made any arrests yet and face difficulties with witnesses not coming forward.

Because of the time of day, the weather and the particular suburb the attack took place in, there were few witnesses willing to talk to police, he said.

“There has been talk of gang members involved in the attack but we haven’t been able to get to the bottom of that yet.”

Ten people may have been involved in the chase, but there may not have been that many involved in the assault, he said.”

Here’s hoping that he makes a complete recovery and the thugs feel the full force of the law, we know the latter is unlikely and they’re likely to receive community sentences but there’s no harm in wishing.

Napier is turning into the sort of town that you really don’t want to live in. Last month a dairy owner was stabbed on Latham Street at 11 in the morning.

Up the coast 100 km or so lies Wairoa, where a recent shoot-out in Mclean Street had one resident diving for cover in his garage one evening.

According to the news report The town is no stranger to altercations between the Mongrel Mob and Black Power and the resident said that something had been brewing for the past three or four weeks.  “It’s just one of those things. There generally isn’t too much grief with them but people up here know if something is up. We’re all just absolutely sick of them, to be honest.”

Last May Jan Molinaar barricaded himself and a large arsenal into a house on Chaucer Road South in Napier. A routine cannabis bust went horribly wrong when  Molenaar, shot dead policeman Len Snee, 53 and critically injured 3 other people in the small town famed for its earthquakes and art deco architecture. Molenaar held off police for a number of days, causing extensive disruption in the neighbourhood, before turning a gun on himself.

NZ just isn’t the safe place it likes to think it is.

3 thoughts on “Napier Gang Attack, Man In Coma

  1. I lived in Napier for a number of years and I know exactly whats going on..
    It’s to late in my Opinion to stop the Violent attacks unless you can get there
    before the shit hits the fan… Two major Gangs Primarily the Mongrel Mob and Black
    power have a good Foot hold In Hawksbay and have done for years. The Younger
    generation Including none established gangs patched gangs like the
    whanau Bloods , the NRS, The NDS where doing allot of damage when I was
    living in Napier… I’m Lucky to be alive after I got Attacked on Kennedy Rd when i
    was 16. Why i got attacked ha, Because i was Wearing a blue Dickies t shirt.
    My Father was Ambushed In His Friends Napier home By gang Members and i
    was Facing seven Years for saving his life. My father did nothing to provoke
    the attack. Dad almost died.. I had to take the law into my own hands and act fast
    because if i was to wait by the phone whilst the Police put on there pretty little
    outfits, I would of lost him.. So I had threatening, unlawful possession of fire arms
    charges and under the influence of alcohol charges against me. It was my first offence and i was only 16 so i only got six moths home detention.. All through out my school years
    all i wanted was to be left alone but I always got picked on. I Got bashed When i was
    younger and took drugs and alcohol. You could Say i was a product of my Environment, I was young, Hurt , Angry with my parents, angry at myself, Insecure , skinny and
    weak. I was Neurotic…. I felt like I was going to Kill someone or myself so I decided it was time to move away from Napier. I moved far far away and Felt My pains , my hurts, I faced my demands. I stomped drinking and smoking, i Got a trade and surrounded myself with good people and took up weight lifting and self defense… I’m a new man and i don’t believe i could of achieved this self transformation in Napier city… I don’t have the answer to how to stop the crime and violence in Napier but I do feel the New Zealand Police need to be armed with a side arm, not a Taser.. The gangs In this Country are Growing in Numbers by the Way.. The Hell’s Angels have Just established them selves In the town I live
    in.. So I think It’s time The Government Gives The Police more Power and Authority.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Joe, it’s heartening to see someone turn their life around against the odds. It’s appalling that gangs have so much influence in New Zealand and the police seem powerless to do anything about it.

    • New Zealand’s gang problem is cultural and won’t go away with more police or police powers. Kiwis are pack animals, and gangs are the natural order of things. There are biker gangs, drug gangs, Asian gangs, and I would call the medical and legal professions, among others in New Zealand, gangs as well.

      In New Zealand, one’s power, value and credibility comes from being part of a group. Group membership has little or nothing to do with knowledge, skills or ability, and everything to do with how well you fit in with and comply with the rules of the gang. Gangs flourish when a society is not based on ideals, i.e., the rule of law, but instead operates according to the law of culture, which is to say, the law of the jungle.

      I have seen gangs recently moving into areas which were, until a few years ago, middle to upper middle class. They are becoming much more visible in suburban shopping areas and mainstream venues. The biker gangs appear to be increasingly comprised of upscale thugs with expensive bikes and attire, and freely operate with impunity in many areas with the approval of local government and police.

      I recently visited a poor but mostly safe town I new very well when we first immigrated. Although it has always been economically depressed, I saw patched Mongrel Mob gang members for the first time openly patrolling the shopping areas. They made offensive comments to me, although I didn’t even see or look at them and could pass for an average kiwi Joe (but would rather hang myself than become one). I was dressed in office attire and went to the ATM to withdraw some small money; I ignored them and left soon after. I noticed they were actively visiting the small shops, and I realised they were probably running a protection racket whilst fleecing the shop owners. All this took place in broad daylight during business hours. One of them, a large simian-like creature wearing iridium Oakley shades, a chrome nazi-esque biker helmet (a replica of the Stahlhelm), and his big-ass leather vest, stood with arms folded just outside a local fish joint, chatting with what appeared to be the owner, a diminutive Asian man wearing an apron, while surveying and standing guard. The contrast was intentional – and striking. This activity is quite possibly a direct result of the City Council’s recent policy of the last few years to actively engage with the local gangs, even hiring them to do some community work. That’s the kiwi mentality for you.

      I really have a difficult time looking at these would-be threatening thugs and not laughing. After all, they wanted to appear so seriously menacing when they formed in the 1960s that they adopted Nazi ideology (even though it doesn’t fit them at all). Unfortunately, they were too stupid to spell Hitler’s salute correctly (they spelled “Sieg” as “Seig” which is absolutely comical if you are, or speak, German). Dangerous morons, bullies and crooks, just like the vast majority of the country.

      There used to be a reference to the Mongrels’ stupidity on their wikipedia page, but apparently some of them have recently learned to use the Internet and have edited it out (there have been nearly 500 revisions to the page since 2007.

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