O’Brien Told To Riff Raff Off

Riff Raff

Richard O’Brien, creator and star of The Rocky Horror Show has been trying to do the time warp again and retire to New Zealand to live out his remaining days, we’re not sure why.

O’Brien emigrated to the country with his parents when he was 10 and spent his teenage years in Tauranga and Hamilton, where he dreamed up the idea for the musical. Perhaps Hamilton isn’t as boring as people think?

The town ‘honoured’ the artist by erecting a statue of Riff Raff, the character he played, and has no doubt been cashing-in on the effigy, and its fleeting association with fame, ever since.

However, all his attempts to apply for residency in the country have been stonewalled by the NZ Immigration department, perhaps he isn’t ‘rich’ enough to apply for one of those new fangled retirement visas?

A press release about the decision stated that

“according to immigration requirements, to be sponsored by family members for permanent residency in New Zealand O’Brien has to be aged 55 or under and have secured a job offer, criteria which he does not fit.

O’Brien told the newspaper he thought his application should be “rubber stamped” in light of his contribution to New Zealand.

“I don’t understand — they build a statue of me and celebrate me as a New Zealander, but I have to go on my knees and do all sorts of things, and I’m probably too old.”

His immigration adviser said an appeal would be made to the Immigration Minister to grant an exception to the policy.”

Celebrate him as a New Zealander? we think not, he’s about as Kiwi as Pavlova or Bungy jumping, but we do think he’d stand a substantially better chance if he’d written the Hobbit.

Guess he won’t be firing up the transit beam anytime soon