New Zealand. Any Colour So Long As It’s Black

This gang colour thing  is getting beyond ridiculous now.

First an adult assaults a four year old in a park and rips his clothing off him because he’s wearing a red T shirt in Whakatane (see here for the story) now a man walking his dog in a park in New Plymouth gets assaulted for daring to have a red lead on his dog. What, there are gangs in New Plymouth? who knew.

“A man walking his dog in New Plymouth was terrified by a Black Power member who objected to the colour of the dog’s lead, a court has been told.

Kory Christopher Lambert, 26, pleaded guilty in New Plymouth District Court yesterday to intimidation after he and gang associates took exception to dog’s red lead — a colour associated with rival gang the Mongrel Mob, The Taranaki Daily News reported.

Police said the gang members spotted the man as they were driving past.

Lambert, wearing Black Power clothing, pulled over and yelled at the man who said he had nothing to do with gangs. Lambert then demanded money, cigarettes and cannabis…” more

And the penalty for this thuggery? 100 hours community service, which he is very unlikely to serve.