“Christchurch, New Zealand, Sucks”

In the Vox Pop series we look at posts from around the web where people talk honestly about living in New Zealand.

Todays entries are taken from the Christchurch forum on Topix. 

“Christchurch , New Zealand Sucks”

“Moved here 4 years ago from london,Used to be a happy young positive person, but living in the city where everyone is pessimistic and unhappy starts to grind at you after a while, Im starting to become more negative, being around such depressing people its hard to stay positive. I can safely say, I HATE THIS CITY”

– “Four years? I doff my hat to you. I wouldn’t have lasted four months before the boredom killed me. Have you though about moving to Australia? It’s warm and the people are friendly. Otherwise, Wellington is a bit more lively.”

– “yeap its amazing here here, under-employment is just fan-friggin-tastic, not much else to do except get drunk or drink coffee when if you don’t have work (if you have any at all). great times all round here.[/sarcasm]
Pessimism is at all time high, and not without reason, this is a hell-hole full of violence, alchoholism, and boredom.”

But isn’t this thread a ‘one off’ surely Christchurch can’t be that bad, and one town doesn’t define a country…does it? there’s more:

“Drunkeness In Christchruch”

“What is up with all the young adults these days? Do they even remember what they did the night before? How can they handle beening seen vomiting/urinating?
It is like the young adults of 2day have no morals or self respect, what is your view??

-“The new NZ culture. Shoot them. Allow for us to get our safe rep back.”

-“The real underlying problem is that NZ is very boring and people are in NZ society are conditioned to lack the confidence to find something out of the square to stimulate themselves.
It’s also what’s behind the boy-racing.”

-“Its funny that since this thread has been started over 3 months ago no New Zealander has tried to contradict it. Everyone deep down knows that the young NZers have no morals, self respect, or brains.
My generation(Y) are a bunch of lazy dumbed down retards with nothing in their lives except alchohol. No-one my age (and even older,for that)in NZ seems to be very knowledgeable about anything these days. It seems their parents werent extremely intelligent to start with and their offspring have learnt even less from them and havent been bothered to learn any more.
Drunkenness is rampant not just in Christchurch, but throughout NZ. Alot of it probbibly does have to do with NZ being quite a boring place as Daniel has said. No-one seems to be motivated enough or have enough initiative to change the place abit though.
I grew up in a small town north of Auckland until I was 18 and have lived in Auckland itself for a short time and the level of astoundingly stupid drunken behaviour in both cities is disgusting. Couple the rampant alcoholism with high unemployment, pollution, obesity, suicide rates, crime statistics, and teen pregnancy and you have all the ingrediants to a recipe for disaster.
New Zealand has a very bleak future and im glad I wont be here for it.”

-“Yea moteote I moved out more than 16 years ago and I am glad I am not there now thats for sure. Its just full of bogans.”

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26 thoughts on ““Christchurch, New Zealand, Sucks”

  1. I am from Christchurch and my family are moving to Australia, joining the mass exodus! I agree that NZ exploits immigrants but to be fair, it exploits it’s own citizens too so at least they can’t be accused of favouritism hahaha. I agree the wages are poor considering the cost of living and right now we are paying huge amounts to live in a broken city. We are luckily mostly unaffected by the quakes and will have no trouble moving our property on the market right now. In fact, we should make a tidy sum. Rates have increased over 40% in the last two years, power is going up over $350 a year, petrol is expensive and food prices have doubled. In saying that, we would probably have stuck it out except we are tired of the nasty NZ attitude. Sentiments after the quake were sympathetic for about two weeks then it was good ol kiwi, “pull your f’n socks up’ attitude which prevailed. Cantabrians were labeled dumb for staying, whingers if they tried to involve the media to encourage the insurers and EQC to actually help them and meanwhile all the country wanted to do was get on with the rugby world cup. NZ has the attitude that anything negative that happens is always your own fault and you should sort it for yourself. We are very lucky that we never had to rely on benefits, Working for Families or help post quake but I would hate to be a person on the receiving end as the backlash in attitudes would be harder than the actual hardship itself. NZ may have lovely lakes and beautiful mountains but the soul of the country is a poisonous well which is fueled by government hatred of those that need. NZ is a play ground for the rich and right wing. If you want community, go elsewhere. I was born and bred in NZ and used to be so proud. Now I count down the days until our paperwork comes through so we can take our qualifications, experience and cash elsewhere. Most of all, I don’t want my children exposed to the poor attitudes that prevail. NZ’ers place blame on the victims of the quake , turn a blind eye to the horrendous amount of child abuse and neglect that goes on, have very little understanding of the Treaty and again place blame on those who have been marginalised because of it. Overall, poorly educated, highly opinionated and entrenched in egocentric ideals. Unfortunately I would not recommend NZ to any families or anyone with a sense of social equality.

    • Thank you for your comments Bianca and we wish you and your family good fortune and better times in Australia. We’re going to place a copy of it in our What Kiwis say about NZ section.

      Your point about NZ having lovely scenery but a poisonous soul will resonate with many of our readers.

      A wise man once said “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” there are too many who are having that delusion shattered in New Zealand.

  2. Im a NZ, and a maori, and I love beer. Never thought liking beer, was such a bad thing, never thought being a kiwi and a maori was bad either.

    I found this site and I find it hilarious, cracks me up what some of you say. I have lived in Spain, UK and Australia and I have loved it. Lots of countries have there good and bad, but you do your best to enjoy the good things. A few bad things happened to me in the UK, but I don’t blame the whole country for that. Its just individuals. There are a lot of issues there, but its a large country, and there are a lot of nice people as well, with some beautiful country side.

    New Zealand is a country with its good and bad bits, we only have 4 million people in a largish country. Some may find that boring. Out of 4 mill you will have some bad bits, but you have less then a country that has a large population. Its just common sense. NZ is not for everyone, but if you like outdoor activities, and deserted beaches, then its good for that.

    As for all these problems, like beauracracy, I have not experienced to much, I pay my bills, I have my own company, and everything is pretty straight forward. And as for racism, have not experienced much of that either. Of course there will be some, but other then nirvana, where will you not get it. I’m happy to be a mongrol, white and maori so it does not worry me, what you say.

    It has been said before but you can always go home. If not, then its what you make of it. If you think bad thoughts then you will always have something to moan about. But thats cool, then I can read about it and find it funny.

  3. you couldnt have been a young happy person from london people from england are the most saddest boring negitve lot of moaners i have ever met. we are the happiest people on the planet compared to you and geeeez you lot dont smile i know now why they say whinging POMS

  4. harden up is the kiwi attitude, so you will probably fit in there.
    The whole country suckz, not much difference from one area to the other actually except for the rubble in Christchurch, so move anywhere you like

  5. my husband and i were thinking of moving there( ch ch ) but i dont think so now i want to be where there are some happy people even before the quake it seems that some writer of this page have experience the life there and ita alot negitive so am oppting for the marlbough sounds any thoughts is it better there

  6. im so sorry about the earth quake in ch ch but have you seen all the threads of moaners and wingers who have survived and should be happy to be alive moaning about everything from milk to bread to abusing staff at checkouts and moaning because they have to dig a hole and go to the toilet. who got more bread than me and who got more groceries petrol etc im so amazed i would think if i had been given my life back even though its hard i wouldnt be complaining. also try writing somethin on those threads and your told if your not from cantebury how can you possibly understand what they are going through . shit happens in this life and other people every day are losing a loved or a child or husband or wife or have cancer and the list goes on. i cant see why some people down are soooo negitive really i cant yes its bad and yes its sad and devasting but your alive and things will get better but dont be so negitive and maoan and groan be thankful you made it others didnt feel honoured and blessed

    • Everyone in chch is suffering from PTSD, 2 years on and the quakes havent stopped, so people outside of Canterbury cant understand, because no other place has ever experienced this sort of geological activity. People may have their lives but the governmet and insurerss arent letting people get their lives back and move on

      • Have those people considered either a sit-in or “occupation” of the council offices until the problem is resolved?
        Sometimes the civil service requires uncivil action … which is both legal and nonviolent.
        Media attention would help too. Some people need to be shamed into doing the right thing for their constituents.

  7. Nz is a piece of *** country. The govt are pack of cruel *ssholes. The cops are a form of revenue collection thugs,the maori are racist,the whole country is racist. Most people are ignorant drivers. your all a bunch of back stabbing dumbasses.
    Im stayin in the states where i belong.

  8. Keep it real bro!

    in other words, stop being selfish.

    My post obviousely didn’t aim to offend Japan.

    Read it. Again. Lived in Japan for a long time.. Wouldn’t want to leave.. I had no choise though.. Do you know why… Guess.. BUREAUCRACY! (Though I must say that they are far more elastic then here! .. and they are Japs! so ..)

    • I’m not being selfish, and I can understand that your post was not aiming at Japan, but my point is that you can’t compare the two countries, that would be like comparing a tiger with a cockroach LOL
      In any case this page is to talk about NZ and its lies, and how it exploits not only immigrants, but also long term visitors such as students and working holiday people

  9. New Zealand’s pros and cons are strangely balanced, I give you that. It’s hard to say whether or not hating it. Almost like Japan I may say (hence Japanese here massively represented .. same geographical configuration, same bureaucracy and.. well, quakes!) .

    Hey man! No need to insult Japan, it’s true that there’s a lot of bureacracy and rules that may seem senseless, but there is no comparison between a country that is the 3rd economy of the world, that is leader in technology, that has superb infrastructure, with an old and rich culture, and and that may easily be the most fun place on Earth with this cr@phole. NZ has all the negatives Japan may have, with none of the positives, I know both first-hand and for one, I can’t wait to get out!!

  10. Especially these lines :
    “many people in NZ have watched too many DIY house-flipping shows and think renting property .. is their ticket to wealth. Most Kiwis don’t earn much for a salary, and they resent immigrants who have the education and training who do make more $. I find native Kiwis to be … and needlessly bureaucratic.

  11. I have found this comment somewhere:

    Quote:I’ve lived here for two years and am leaving soon. Housing is generally below average and very overpriced; many people in NZ have watched too many DIY house-flipping shows and think renting property (especially to rich Americans) is their ticket to wealth. Most Kiwis don’t earn much for a salary, and they resent immigrants who have the education and training who do make more $. I find native Kiwis to be boring, stiff, uncreative, and aloof, not particularly intelligent, and needlessly bureaucratic. If you like to drink, it’s not a bad place, as long as cirrhosis is a personal priority. Alcoholism is a major societal problem, and litter is pretty bad in areas outside the central business districts. There is a noticeable amount of trash, broken glass, and and debris in suburban areas and along the beaches; street cleaning only happens in the major tourist areas. Just about every suburban area has gang graffiti scrawled on fences, buildings, and sidewalks; the national government just banned sale of sparay paint to minors to combat the problem. The law pretty much let’s all juveniles go free, and severe crimes receive only light punishment. Beat someone senseless who breaks into your house and you’ll probably go to jail, not the intruder. A drunk kid mowed down a cop (230-year veteran) a month ago outside Wellington *he was laying spikes in the street) and will probably get little jail time. The police force is weak and scared of bad press, an amateur and non-transparent justice system, and there is considerable racial hatred toward all immigrants, including asians (especially) and Americans – mostly because of jealousy. In Auckland there recently was a protest by asians who threatened to hire gangs to protect them since the police were ineffective and seemed not to care about public safety. The medical system is weak, and the doctors generally are narrow-minded and unconcerned unless your symptoms are life-threatening.

    I know this seems like a rant, based on my personal experiences and those of fellow immigrants, but NZ suppresses public data (like crime statistics) or charges a fortune for it (basic census data used to cost a fortune but only became free as of last year), so almost all information is anecdotal. If you come from a disadvantaged place, NZ may seem like a paradise. If you are coming from the US, UK, or western Europe, be prepared for the 2nd world. NZ really is just a small country (4 million) where 25% leave to go live somewhere else. Let that be your guide.



  12. The problem is with all of you that love complaining so much how boring New Zealand or its cities are that you have not lived anywhere else for longer periods of times. Moaning and groaning is characteristic to those that have too much time on their hands, little interest in the outside affairs + the world or too little drive to offer positive contribution and feel good about oneself. There is little initiative to do something worthwhile so that when you turn fifty or sixty and look back you’d be able to say with confidence that your life has not been wasted. Too much of a good life, plenty of food, proper housing, secure life even when there is only a govt dole to look forward to, government support when the shit hits fan and no fear of where you with your family would sleep tomorrow has made many of us placid and too complacent in this country.
    Get on with real life, get one if you don’t have one or go and live somewhere else in the world then you’d find out how good people and life in here are.

    • This and other websites discussing the downside of New Zealand are intended to rectify false advertising on the part of your government. They are not intended to simply sit and whinge, but rather inform people. Most of the people who run and contribute to these websites were somehow harmed or unpleasantly surprised by the shock of moving there and realising that there is a false illusion of this country perpetuated by its government and migration moneymaking organizations. They wished to describe the other side of things for people who might be considering migrating, so that your migrants will be FULLY informed before making such a life leap. It is a long and expensive move, and potentially ruinous to your life if you find you don’t like the “lifestyle” New Zealand seems to have on offer. To many who came with high hopes, it was a backward, limited, expensive and nasty little country. It has its human gems and good features, but these are dwarfed by the bad elements. Hence the criticisms and backlash by these people. I think you must not be aware of the intense marketing campaigns abroad and the lack of real information that people have about this remote island nation. New Zealand likes to keep bad information about itself within its borders and in the local hard-copy papers in order to keep foreign money rolling in.

    • Dear Marianna,
      Athough quite sympathetic with your point of view I can’t honestly say that you seem to know it all in this matter. You seem to be a little too partisan here don’t you think?
      Let me display my experience so you may widen your horizons too for once.
      Though italian national, I have live most of my life outside the “bel paese” (euphemism that no longer represents the actual status of thing in Italy.. anyway.. the point here is I am trying not to be short sided, not even while considering my own country.. you should try to do the same sometimes, it’s fun!).
      I lived in fact for 4 years in Japan, 2 in Canada, 1 in Australia and US, almost a year in Mexico, 1 year in Vietnam, 2 in China, not considering the time spent in Europe (I have lived everywhere, you name it, I stayed there for at least 6 months), and the my frequent trips (Nepal, Mongolia, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Cuba, Algeria, Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa..), so when it comes to assess a country, well, I know pretty well all about it.
      And so it happens that NZ, however safe, as you nicely put it, it has been a real disappointment to me since i got here. Just for you to know being in New Zealand has always been a dream to me. I loved the idea of living here since childhood. Do not know why (stil now).
      And that’s probably the reason why I got here only now. I left the best for the end! .. Or At least that’s what I thought.
      New Zealand’s pros and cons are strangely balanced, I give you that. It’s hard to say whether or not hating it. Almost like Japan I may say (hence Japanese here massively represented .. same geographical configuration, same bureaucracy and.. well, quakes!) .
      But again the problem found with kiwis, besides them being “needlessly bureaucratic” (to quote the guy) and poorly educated (hence the bureaucracy..), is the lack of intelligence or creativity which led them to envy and racism towards foreigners.
      However making a living out of backpackers and tourists they are still not willing to accept them as part of their community.
      As the friend from the quote underlined, they are still too dull and only partially (on the outside)as friendly as advocated around the world through smart advertisements and a cheap pubblicity.
      so I’ll say, let the rest of the world come here and witness themselves. Spending their money (so kiwiws would be happy.. ) and leaving with a sour sensation in their mouths.

  13. Thanks for your comments Lyndon, many do exactly as you’ve suggested and leave New Zealand for countries that value them and their skills more than New Zealand ever will, perhaps that is the reason why you left?

    Tans Tasman migration is very high at present. Almost half a million Kiwis now live in Australia and the same amount in other countries that also offer “a great outdoors” and a good standard of living.

    Please note that this blog post was comprised of comments that Kiwis were making about their own country. For example:

    I grew up in a small town north of Auckland until I was 18 and have lived in Auckland itself for a short time and the level of astoundingly stupid drunken behaviour in both cities is disgusting. Couple the rampant alcoholism with high unemployment, pollution, obesity, suicide rates, crime statistics, and teen pregnancy and you have all the ingrediants to a recipe for disaster.

  14. You people that have all this time on your hands and choose to use it writing a pile of rubbish about a place have 2 options open to you. Firstly, Stop moaning and get out and do something useful to improve the situation you find yourself in. For example, get a life. You have the great outdoors within easy reach of where you stand. Use it! Or secondly………….leave!!

  15. I agree with some of what you guys are saying in part.
    Firstly Christchurch has beautiful parks and is well laid out but aside from that it has to be the most boring place I have ever visited. I wouldn’t complain about the company because Aucklander’s in general are a bunch of antisocials. People frown at you if you smile, its rare to hear thank you or please and most conversation you hear is how bad things are or how much somebody’s life sucks. Its become a really depressing place to live and is often like living in a population of “teenage goths”.
    Not everyone in Auckland is an idiot but I think we have more than our fair share of them probably more so than Chch. I’m generation Y I drink and I also drive (not at the same time)and its a modified car however I do not get drink to get pissed and my car only losses tread if have to use the brakes! When I get a decent job opportunity out of New Zealand or come into money I’m on the first plane out of this country and it would defiantly be a one way pass!
    The Auckland and perhaps the New Zealand I liked is long gone.

  16. I don’t think we have, thanks for the link. Looks like an excellent thread. Agree with you about migrant forums strongly discouraging negativity, some go as far as to delete such comments (keeps the sponsors happy)

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