Reddit NZ’s Racism: ‘Why NZ people think every foreigner is Indian?’ – updated

Are you a person of color? New Zealanders may have something to say about that.

Are you a person of color intending to emigrate to New Zealand, expecting a forward thinking, worldly wise, outward looking culture that will be accommodating of your own?

Here’s an example of a typical conversation you’re likely to have anywhere in New Zealand. Attitudes like these are widespread and common.

Some say that New Zealand is like [insert your country of choice here] was 30/40/50 years ago. Read this excerpt from a conversation at Reddit New Zealand and you’ll see exactly what they mean…

Why NZ people think every foreigner is Indian?

Ive noticed nz people have hard time by telling if someone of middle eastern, southern European or south American background.

They always confuse those people to indian. For example I’m an arab I have very light skin, jet black hair and brown eyes and they sometimes tell me “are you indian ?”

Wtf are Indians suppose to be light or brown? I mean if i was brown I would understand but I’m too light to be indian and my facial features look different to Indians. Even my Brazilian friends think the same, they always get confused to Indians.

I’ve been to USA and Australia and not a single time I’ve been mistaken to indian. They knew I was arab and sometimes they confused me to Latino or italian. I dont understand why its only kiwis think every foreigner is indian. Are they seriously color blind or something ? Or have problem with their eyes ?

Technically Indians are genetically more related to europeans than arabs. They just mixed with native aboriginals

And what about Brazilians ? Are they also Asians?

When you read the following responses bear in mind that many New Zealanders will ‘haka up’ if anyone mistakes them for an Australian, including the country’s ex-PM who spent $28 million trying to change the country’s flag because he was seated below the Australian flag once by mistake.

Here’s one response:

happiestJ: I dunno… I mean, can you tell the difference (at a glance) between a Kiwi, an Aussie, American, Briton, Canadian, German, Scandinavian, Scot, Irishman, Czech, Norwegian, etc etc etc???

You can’t? Are you seriously color blind or something ? Or have problem with your eyes ?

Or are you just here to bag on people who are taking an interest in where you’re from (i.e. your culture) but guessed wrong, so you’re all offended?

Reply from the original poster:

That’s not a good way to compare my argument. My argument is Indians look totally different to arabs. You comparing Indians to arabs is like comparing Eskimos to aboriginals and saying they look the same. Arabs have different skin tone, nose , eyebrows and eye shape. Huge difference between them. I’ll be honest I cant tell difference between different arab countries but i can tell theres huge difference between us and Indians

Another response. (You may want to take a breath before reading this one) is this casual, everyday racism? You be the judge:

mentallautist: there are light skinned indians and the majority of dark skinned immigrants are indian. you all look very similar. most of us can’t tell the difference between chinese, japs and koreans either. don’t be insulted by it. no one means any offence

Reply from the original poster:

How do we look the same. Have u watched the news ? Go on Google images and search for arab and search for Indians. If you can’t see the difference then there’s something wrong with your eyes or brain.

And two ‘friendly kiwi’ responses:

Layorz: Yeah do you know the difference between an Austrian and a Dutch? What about Italian and Spanish? Do you know the difference between Ukranian and Georgian? Finnish and Swedish? Norwegian and German? Irish and Scottish? Do you, in your infinite wisdom, know these peoples ethnic and cultural backgrounds at first glance every time? I guess maybe you’re just fucking colour blind with eye problems, cunt

and sometimes they confused me to Latino or italian

YouFuckinMuppet:: So did you complain about that, too?

Or are you only offended because you think you’re better than Indians?

Let me tell you something, dumbass, when people ask you something they’re most likely just trying to start a fucking conversation with you, you know, small talk, if you stop being a dumb cunt you might actually make a friend.

But if all of this attention doesn’t suit you, why don’t you fuck right off?

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