John Key Dumped From Climate Change Debate

“The Greatest Debate on Earth”

John Key has been bumped from BBC World’s Greatest Debate on Earth, however some NZ news outlets are using the word “dumped”. Dumped is an emotive word, surely “dropped” would’ve sounded better?

“Dumped” suggests that someone is deeply embarrassed by the exclusion, there is an element of petulance about it, there is the suggestion of a failed romantic relationship – of a love won and lost. One wonders if the word comes from journalists covering the conference or it it was first used by the PM’s press office. Feelings are obviously running high:

“In a move that may stoke trans-Tasman rivalries, Key has been elbowed out of the BBC World (Service) “Greatest Debate on Earth” on Thursday by his Australian counterpart, Kevin Rudd.”

What was the reason for NZ being dropped from the debate – because it has nothing much to add to the debate perhaps (see ‘NZ isolated on key Copenhagen issues: Key‘) or does Rudd just make for better TV? we may never know.

“The spokesman said Key’s office was told why the BBC made the decision but preferred it came from the British state broadcaster.”

“state broadcaster”?  we do have the makings of an international incident here.

One does have to wonder if Key’s recent U turn on his decision not to attend the Copenhagen conference had anything to do with an offer to appear in the BBC’s debate. If so, no wonder people are hopping mad.

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Other bloggers are also thing along the same lines as us, this is taken from
“It was New Zealand  former Prime Minister Helen Clark who was a key player on climate change globally on the leaders’ stage. But sadly Key isn’t, and never has been, despite the PR spin on New Zealand’s news coverage making NZ better than it really is at this year’s Climate Change talks. That should give you a clue about how climate change friendly the government’s so called climate change legislation really is. What his initial inclusion in the BBC debate reveals, however, is how well connected his press secretaries and PR stuff are with the rest of the world’s media…”

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