"Questions Surround DOC Poison Drops"

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“New Zealand enjoys the status of clean and green – but what do we do to achieve that?

As a country we lead the world in a series of rejuvenation projects like the weka, the kakapo and the Kiwi. But to achieve this the Department of Conservation has to first clear out areas and continue to eradicate pests like the rat, the stoat and the possum.

Poisons like 1080, cyanide and brodifacoum are used to control these pests.

But lately a large number of animals around the Hauraki Gulf have been found dead – eight dolphins and 150 penguins have been reported washed up on beaches. This follows three major dumps of brodifacoum – a rat poison on Rangitoto and Motutapu islands. (see Sea life deaths continue in Hauraki Gulf)

DOC say it is nothing more than coincidence. Members of the public are not so sure……”

The article then links to a video of Campbell Live’s investigation into the sea life deaths in the Hauraki Gulf. The video of Campbell’s report may be found here: TV3 and here: Scoop

Read about the complete ecocidal devastation a drop of 1080 poison caused in the Marlborough Sounds and how one evironmental group used traditional trapping methods to control possums and talked DoC out of using 1080 to bombard land in Nydia Bay:

“There was just silence…..It was as if the bush had gone into a state of shock. The dawn chorus should have been in full swing but there wasn’t even a fly buzzing. We all saw 1080 pellets in the streams and dead animals on the tracks; the only noises we could hear were trees creaking in the wind. Weka disappeared from the bay that day and it was eight years before they returned.”

See: Youtube videos
Read comments responding to the Campbell Live article from the NZ public who are outraged over this form of ecocide here: ‘Comments’. These are some of them:


02 Sep 2009 10:37p.m.

Good on you TV3 for starting to get little bits of this news out there. One thing that needs to be covered is that not only DOC and other agencies are poisoning our environment with large scale dropping of such toxins but also they are doing much smaller, more quieter “campaigns” all over our “100% pure” country.
I live in a small rural valley in Upper Hutt which has recently had Brodificaum used here, and every day I am finding dead birds on my property. I have lived here 12 years and never seen so many dead birds. Other neighbours have also commented on the loss of fish lfe in our streams. Maybe not a big thing for just one little insignificant valley but how many of these valleys make up our 100% pure image right across our country?

If people do not want to get passionate about the wild, domestic and farmed animals being killed, or the threat to humans then consider what our international tourism, meat, diary, wild game markets would think of this. The economic impact could be dire. It makes “100% pure” a sick joke! Please TV3 keep covering what is going on here and please can we see some more in depth investigation.”

01 Sep 2009 9:16p.m.

Just whoo do DOC answer to. Seems only to them selves. The Minister of Conservation is no where to be seen when it comes to explaining the use of 140 tones of brodifacom on the doorstep of 1.2M New Zealanders. I am really pleased I do not live in Auckland, but I fear no place in NZ is safe from teh effects of DOC and AHBs mass poison of New Zealand.
It makes me ashamed to be a New Zealander that we have authorities so clearly hell bent on hoodwinking us.”

Mr T

01 Sep 2009 6:52p.m.

fishingnet.co.nz has a detailed discussion on this issue. http://www.oceanaware.info/Home_Page.html is where the concerned public can support Sarah Silverstar with the $1800 to test the penguins’ livers for brodificoum poisoning.
I have chosen to live on Waiheke Island so my family has daily access to this beautiful coastline. The silence from ARC, DOC and ACC has been deafening. Well done everybody for speaking up!!!!

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  1. I'm disgusted at what's happening to our fragile environment, what gives DoC the right to spread these toxins all over our precious country and who are they accountable to? no one at all.

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