Shooting In Palmerston North

Reports are being made that there’s been a shooting in Heretaunga street, Palmerston North at around 3.45pm today.

At this stage there is nothing to suggest the shooting is gang related but Palmerston North is the town where the reporting of any current gang activity is a rather touchy subject. (See Palmerston North’s Wikipedia entry censored)

Update: TVNZ later reported that a man was found dead with a gunshot wound at an apartment block in Heretaunga Street, a firearm lying next to him. The deceased man was said to have been in an argument with another man earlier in the day and that man was helping police with their enquiries.

Three people were injured in the town in a shooting on 7 August in the suburb of Highbury and there was a drive-by shooting on 9 June on Grey Street which locals feared could be the first salvos of a gang war. It certainly caused more than a few jitters because three days later the Armed Offenders Squad was called out in response to a sighting of two men with a gun in Parata Street.

Is a gang war about to break out in the town? time will tell.

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