Three Violent Deaths On The Same Christchurch Street In Four Months

Who’d live in Christchurch, what a week it’s been. Residents of Olliviers Rd, Phillipstown are stunned after the third violent death in as little as four months and the armed offenders squad had to deal with a man supposedly armed with a pistol.

Andre James Delamare, 41, died on the way to hospital after being stabbed at around 6.40pm on Tuesday night in Olliviers Road . He was found only 200 metres from his own home.

In May Tala Seleni, 55, and Melissa Nina Adcock, 32, were found dead in their council flat on the same street

For more about the story see: here

Mr Delamare’s death is thought to be the 46th such death this year in New Zealand.

Christchurch was also the scene of an Armed Offenders call out on Wednesday when they closed off Voss Street and Quinns Road to round up a man for 13 different offenses including alleged assaults, kidnapping and possession of a pistol. (The Press)


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