New Zealand’s Gang Problem

Gangs have been quite a problem in NZ for some time. Some towns acknowledge they have an issue and take steps to control gang activities – for example Wanganui recently banned the wearing of patches “There are people in Wanganui who will say we don’t have a gang problem, but the fact is there is a gang problem in Wanganui, just as there is in other towns and cities,” says senior councillor Randhir Dahya.

On the other hand some towns and cities have tried so valiantly to rid themselves of the problem that they now have another problem with admitting gang involvement in crimes when it does occur. Gangs are now euphemistically called “rival groups”.
Aug – The police association renewed calls for police to be armed following the second gang related shooting in seven years in the Palmerston North suburb of Highbury

July –‘Horror as gang man attacked’ -Diners looked on in horror as chairs were smashed on a man’s head at a cafe outside Dannevirke.

July – ‘Two men found guilty of gang pad attack ‘ A High Court jury found two men guilty of bashing a man at a Hastings gang pad.

June – A man is seriously injured in what appeared to be a gang related shooting in Foxton, Manawatu. Gang involved was ‘The Nomads’

June – Tuari Damyn KaripaRangi pleads guilty in the robbery and assault of two men in Christchurch. The gang associated with the violent mugging is named as the YSK – Young Skuxx Klicxx at youth street gang with 10-20 members

June – ‘Two bashed in gang turf clash’ -Two patched Mongrel Mob members were set upon and beaten up by at least four rival gang members in the car park of the Tamatea Pak’nSave supermarket at 3.45 in the afternoon.

June – ‘Prison brawl adds to gang tensions’

June – Gang violence out of control in New Zealand – In the Hawkes Bay region of the North Island, police say it is a matter of pure luck that they are not dealing with multiple murders after members of a local gang chapter tore apart a 21st birthday party, using knives, baseball bats and a machete.

June – Shots fired at house in James Streeet, Dannevirke as gang tensions rose

June – “When gang strife became warfare in the street” Sentencing was carried out for the day that open gang warfare and gunfire erupted on the street of Aranui

Feb – “Gang life is one of petty terrorism, violence and hatred” Said Wellington’s mayor after the gang related drive-by shooting in which three year old Jhia Te Tua died in her parents’ home. Gangs involved were Black Power and Mongrel Mob.

Feb – “The danger of serious youth violence is increasing as juvenile gangs take up weapons, Hastings’ top police officer has warned. In a police crime report to be discussed by city leaders, Inspector Dean Clifford says the suburb of Flaxmere has between 13 and 15 gangs for just 10,300 residents.”

Feb – Gang tension comes to Dunedin: a gang related drive-by shooting, Molotov cocktails thrown into houses, and last night there was a street brawl following a car accident on Andersons Bay Road.

Feb – “Mayors play down gang problem after brawls – Brawls in Wairoa and Gisborne including one between Black Power and Mongrel Mob members, resulted in arrests at the weekend but local mayors are defending their area, saying it does not have a gang problem”

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  1. Some battered women have to run overseas to escape New Zealand gang members they have fathered children with. The police and system will not protect them from the continued stalking, threats and assaults. They will move from refuge to refuge but the men still track them. I remember reading something by Wellington Women’s Refuge head Merepeka Raukawa-Tait on the subject, in the newspaper. The fathers of the women’s children hunt them down in the refuges and harass them, even. Sometimes they try to leave for Australia, but due to changed Care of Children laws that favour fathers, and the inability of the system to protect them, these women are having difficulties keeping themselves and their children safe.

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