Karen Aim’s Murderer Pleads Guilty.

Scottish woman Karen Aim was brutally murdered as she walked home alone one night in January last year.

The murder, which happened in Taupo in NZ’s North Island, shocked not just the residents of the small town but people all over the world.

The incident received international press coverage and brought into sharp focus the problem of violent crime in the country. People questioned New Zealand’s reputation as a safe place in which to live and visit.

Today Karen’s 15 year old killer Jahche Te Manawa Kaha Brougton pleaded guilty and spared her family the ordeal of sitting through what was likely to be a long court case.

He also pleaded guilty to one count wounding with intent to cause causing grievous bodily harm to another woman, aged 17, in Taupo on January 5 last year.

Sentencing will be carried out on 6th March.

News Story: Sky News UK