Wanted and On The Run

Source: NZ Herald, Sun September 07, 2008

Hundreds of criminals are “on the run” in New Zealand with warrants out for offenders either failing to appear at court or for evading arrest warrants.

A few months back Auckland police pulled out all the stops to arrest 3000 people in the region who’d failed to appear in court, using name and shame techniques in the NZ Herald and TV show Police 10-7. The operation had some degree of success and 963 people were arrested.

In July Rotorua police launched a campaign in conjunction with the City Post newspaper to round up over 100 offenders, by the end of August over 50 people had been located. Link: Daily Post, July 26, 2008

Last month the Gisborne Herald also launched a campaign to
name and shame it’s most wanted criminals. link:
Gisborne’s 9 most wanted