Karen Aim Trial

Security guard says teen defendant showed him bloody bat
Source: NZHerald 3 Sept, 2008

“The teenager accused of murdering Scottish tourist Karen Aim allegedly hid the baseball bat he used to kill her under his house and then showed the bloodstained, dented object to a man he knew.

Leigh Herewini, a 34-year-old security guard, said he felt “uncomfortable” when he saw the bat because “it could’ve been the bat that hurt the girl”.

Mr Herewini was testifying at the second day of a depositions hearing at the Taupo Youth Court yesterday.

The accused, who was 14 when he allegedly murdered Ms Aim in January, stared at Mr Herewini while he gave evidence.

But Mr Herewini avoided his gaze and told the court the accused had shown him the baseball bat when he had gone to his house about two or three days after Ms Aim was killed.

“It had a lot of dents and bitsmissing off it,” Mr Herewini said. “It looked like it had blood on it.”

He said the accused had called him on the day Ms Aim was killed and told him he knew who was responsible for the murder.

“He said it was a guy Bryan, a Mongrel Mob prospect from Rotorua.”


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