Violent New Zealand – Taupo Camper Beaten Up for Making Holiday Park Noise Complaint


New Zealand’s appalling reputation for violent crime took another knock today with the news that a holidaymaker at a Taupo caravan park was been beaten up for making a noise complaint.

If you’re thinking about a quiet caravaning holiday in New Zealand you may like to give Taupo a miss…

A family vacation came to a violent end as Tegan Coppin watched her husband punched and kicked by a drunken group at a Taupo caravan park.  Tegan Coppin was spending quality time with her husband Aaron, and seven-month-old son, at Motutere Bay Holiday Park on January 6.

It was the first time the young Taupo couple had had a family holiday since their son was born…

Despite making numerous complaints to the site’s manager the rowdiness continued into the early hours

Then the revellers woke up the couple’s son by banging on their caravan and urinating on their draw bar Aaron stepped outside to confront the men.  “There were four guys and they were making a point of making noise after we complained about them,” he said.  “One of them smacked me in the head. I tried to get help after the first guy hit me but there was nothing I could do. They were everywhere.”

Tegan could only watch as Aaron fell the ground and rolled into a ball as the group continued to attack him. “There was a point when I thought he might never get back up,” she said. The attackers were eventually driven off by the camp manager who then scarpered before police arrived…

Tegan said it was ridiculous that the problem was allowed to escalate as far as it did and she wanted to see better management of the camp ground.

Motutere Bay Holiday Park owner John Tilten said the incident was shocking…read the full story here

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10 thoughts on “Violent New Zealand – Taupo Camper Beaten Up for Making Holiday Park Noise Complaint

  1. caravan manager obviously told the drunken offenders who made the complaint against them and should be sacked for that alone. Same thing happened to us living in auckland. Large group of Pacific islanders urinating on our front door steps, and threats to get me after noise control confiscated a stereo from their neighbouring HNZ house. They had been partying 24/7 for months less than 10ft from our bedrooms and lounge. My daughter was three years old. It is around 13 years later now but they still find ways to get back at us over all the years currently – they are relentless in their revenge and since the neighbourhood of mt roskill now has become like a second south auckland. The part we live now iis predominately pacific island and indian followed by african chinese and moslem nowadays. The indians have taken over this area having spread out from taking over sandringham. I’ve learnt the hard way about Pacific island culture at grass root level and it is not pretty at all. They are very big on revenge and never let up on anything whether it is partying or a vendetta for whatever reason!

    • Seriously ? ,have you been assaulted physically in N.Z ,if so I feel for you.Assault is common place here especially on foreign tourists.As a 45 year adult I was assaulted ,at the time I had a broken foot( in a plaster cast) and broken hand due to a motorcycle accident .I was assaulted because my wife yelled out to some scum people after they deliberately swerved toward a puddle of water and sprayed us while we were walking home.They were N.Z scum the woman gouged my face with her nails and the man punched me in the face ,my wife was punched in the face ,she left this scum country never to return.

      • Also my ex was no wimp she had grown up in the African Congo and seen all kind of madness ,she was a beautiful woman of mixed race,she had no understanding of the senseless violence in N.Z and neither do I.

        • Damn Tony, sorry to hear that. If I was with you I’d of battered them both! Man or woman, if you’re going to throw punches, prepare to meet your doooooom Kiwis! Haha.

  2. It’s so annoying that people from overseas don’t believe us here when we tell them about the socking violent crime in New Zealand. They keep mindlessly drinking the damned kool-aid because the government has painted New Zealand as this “safe” haven. There was an armed incident outside my house today, with cops everywhere and people all over the road shouting and so on. That’s the real New Zealand! If you are planning to set foot in this violent, criminal hell-hole, you need to know, and believe the truths you read here.

  3. Chicken shit cowards. Only tough and ‘gangsta’ in a group. You either deal with young punk wannabe gangstas here or the older redneck trailer trash type. Both as bad as each other. I can guarantee the useless site manager knows who they are and is too spineless to do anything about them for fear of “we know who you are and where you live, c***!” No respect or consideration for anyone but themselves. Drink and take drugs 24/7 and cause utter misery to anyone in close proximity.

    Mr Copping was unfortunately dealing with primitive knuckle dragging neanderthals who simply can’t be bargained or reasoned with. The only thing they understand is a taste of their own medicine. (From my own extensive experience. I should write my bouncer diaries on here some time haha.)

    I had a similar thing happen to me as well last year, (altho i didn’t get assaulted) not long ago actually. After I called the police due to the downstairs trailer trash woman’s perpetual week day and weekend parties and having no success with numerous calls to noise control, calls to her landlord etc etc (this went on for 5 months before i snapped) she took it upon her self to run upstairs to my front door with 3 men (after the police had left) and violently punch my glass front sliding door. They effed and blinded at me and one of them looked at me through the glass and said “I will fuck you up”. They were 3 punks in their early 20s. Hardly what I’d call ‘men’. I am twice the build of them, 32 years of age, a heavy weight boxer and ex bouncer. I knew they were all mouth. All Kiwi ‘men’ are.

    I had my 8 year old son with me who was terrified, but I calmly produced my military knife in full view for them all to witness and they soon changed their tune when I replied with “I will fucking kill you”. A neighbour had seen what was going on and the police had been called again, they arrived and dispersed the dickheads but no arrests were made much to my dismay.

    A week after this incident, the hag was outside on her patio drinking with a friend blasting out her rap music and yelling abuse at me for no reason as usual. I’d had enough. I went downstairs with a hammer and kicked the womans back fence as hard as I could and demanded she come out. She was only with another female friend but I had no idea who was there at the time. (She had multiple partners/drug buddies come over daily. )

    No one came out, so i lost my temper and punched one of her front windows, and my fist went straight through it, glass everywhere.

    They both came out, the hag started shitting herself and crying, and her friend was pleading with me to put the hammer away and calm down. (The hammer was merely for the scare factor.)

    I went apeshit. 5 months of her shit came flying out. I told her if she ever fucked with me again I would kill her.

    And you know what? I haven’t had ONE issue since. She even apologised a few days later. Her punk boyfriend who threatened me one night months ago and all his friends never had the bollocks to confront me after that, or even come up to my flat to speak with me about the broken window. She now refers to me as ‘the psycho pommy’.

    These people are COWARDS and only plastic gangsters when in a group.

    I’m disgusted and angry with what has happened to Mr and Mrs Copping. You are dealing with severely inbred, volatile scum here in NZ, so please be very careful people. Call the police instead. Noise control don’t really do anything and it will anger whoever you called them on. I called noise control so many times and yet the parties and loud bass thumping music continued. Calling the police has a different effect on these type of people. And its all logged and noted every time they have to arrive.

    Don’t confront these type of people alone either, call the cops ASAP.


    • Very good ,in my last neighbourhood in N.Z they called me the crazy American guy,I was born in Tekuiti and raised in the Rangatiki but anyway ,I gained this title because I stand up for myself by myself,when my neighbour would chainsaw crap up at ten o’clock at night I’d go tell him to stop ,when my neighbour across the st complained to the council that my back fence was 100mm to high I confronted her as to why this was a problem ,always the cowardly response and then vindictive behaviour to follow,a nation of chicken shit cowards and the truth is the guy who was beaten up in the camp ground would have been better off to wait till they went to bed and then kick the shit out of them one by one ,the cops in N.Z only care about speeding fines we all know it .

      • Good man Tony. The ‘take no shit’ approach does serve you well here. I think they never expect you to say or do anything back, and then are stumped as what to do when you do. Idiots.

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