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Two American Tourists Attacked In Rotorua

“We are counting down the days to Mr. Trump’s inauguration, and our permanent liquidation of so-called overpriced ‘Kiwi’ assets”

Welcome to our hugely popular Migrant Tales series – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Today’s tale comes from an American migrant, hated simply because of his nationality:

I’m from America, & my wife is a Kiwi (but speaks, behaves and has an Aussie outlook on life…) I became a dual national some years ago when a certain National MP was secretly making plans to cancel my Permanent Residence Visa and break up my family in the process. That MP came to the citizenship ceremony dressed in torn blue jeans, a faded shirt, and was tipped-off by the locals who knew who I was and who continue to target our family. (This was in CHCH BTW…)

Now that Donald Trump is elected, we are getting the house ready to sell privately (NEVER allow these greasy, conniving, thieving RE Agents near your property!)

We’re now in the process of getting my wife her Green Card, and our 13 y/o daughter born in CHCH is a registered US Citizen by ‘Report of Birth Abroad’. We did this so that she can escape NZ. She is also autistic, but was a perfectly normal child until she received vaccinations here, which leads me to question what might be getting added to vaccines for those migrants who are considered ‘undesirables’ in KiwiLand….

Migrant families seem to receive the dregs of healthcare in all forms here. My wife worked in the health field, and she was given the silent treatment at work, verbally abused and physically threatened by her so-called professor ‘boss’ after they learned that she brought an American home with her. She can’t even draw ACC or a sickness benefit for an auto-immune disorder and workplace-related injuries. But a drug user, gang member, or criminal can get EVERYTHING awarded to them. We’ve seen Reverse Racism firsthand, and it’s always has the goal of a monetary background which will ‘pay-out’.

We now home-school due to the ‘education’ system here being unable and unwilling to uphold the human right to an education for an Aspergers / autistic child. This has been proven in hearings, but nothing has yet to be done or enacted to fix the problems. The schools unashamedly always have their hands out for ‘donations’, and the Board of Trustees usually have their kids in the same school where they get preferential treatment. Typical of provincial colonialism….or a nation that has never grown-up! The bullying and disenfranchisement are still incredible!

The NZ Dollar is over-valued so that the likes of the recent former PM can continue to make millions for himself and a few of his masonic ilk. Prices are outrageous, and inflationary. No price or cap limits on housing, etc as in other nations.

The Old Boy & Old Girl networks are obnoxious, rude and disgusting. They know this deep down, but live in denial that their unethical, immoral and unkind acts are truly disgusting. But, they’ll go to church in order to be forgiven, and while at the church, they’ll spread more lies, gossip, rumours and heresay about others. No denomination is exempt from this either!

Many of the Northern Hemisphere’s super rich are buying up here to escape the potential of World War lll up north, and the effects of short-term radiation.. The problem is that there is no real effective method of defense should an enemy nation choose to invade. When the place does get invaded, many Asians will remember how ill-treated they were in NZ; what goes around comes around. Hell, the average NZer doesn’t even know how to fire a weapon, let alone engage in combat tactics and strategy,… but they will profusely spy on one another and satisfy themselves that this is all they’ll need to do to ‘protect the dominion’. Even the Aussies know better…

I’m reminded of the Jeff Daniels opening to ‘The Newsroom’ about ‘America isn’t the greatest country in the world’ scene. At least as he said in the rant; “the first step to solving a problem is to admit that there is one’. Herein lies the problem w/ NZ; it’s so deluded with false greatness and local sports heroes as their gods that nothing will ever get in the way of that! Even if an idea can remedy major problems here.

Paedophilia, incest, etc is rampant here. The MoE & MoH profiles families under the guise of Speech Language Therapy, IEP’s etc. in order to start a dossier against perfectly good parents so that their child can be removed and put into ‘foster care’ where they usually get abused mentally, physically and sexually, even though ‘smacking’ is banned. The end result are little reptilian-based crims setting their sights on becoming the tools of the local gangs, and pining for membership into the same!

I’m reminded of ‘Lord of the Flies’ and the recent (if not on-going) problems of Pitcairn Island; NZ is just an expanded version of these…

Of all the Kiwis who create the problems, the women are the nastiest, most vindictive of the lot, with their rumour-mongering, malicious gossip, and targeting entire families for harassment & disenfranchisement via their networks. & yet they’ll be the first to claim being the victims of abuse when the party being abused by them lashes-out at their untoward behaviours, whether it be thru official complaints, court filings, or a smack-down when they become physically threatening.

The women behave like Middle School female students who have never grown up, despite the fact that they may have a ‘Uni’ degree, with militant, radical feminism (Feminazism) is taught via NLP methodology in the ‘All Girls Schools’ and Universities. The ‘All Boys Schools’ are taught to worship rugby, one-upsmanship, and NEVER to go outside the box.

Basically, NZ is a nation of jealous cowards who cannot do for themselves, think for themselves, or stand-up for what’s right (even though a veneer is present for PR reasons…) They have to do everything in a ‘community group’, as to go against the ‘community’ and do things for yourself will raise their passive-aggressive attitude towards oneself (the Tall Poppy Syndrome unique to NZ). They are super-competitive and materialistic to the point of dysfunction amongst themselves, thus in turn making the whole of society dysfunctional.

& I won’t discuss the rude, obnoxious drivers here; worse than in Iraq…

Hence, we are counting down the days to Mr. Trump’s inauguration, and our permanent liquidation of so-called overpriced ‘Kiwi’ assets so that we will return to the US in due course. Yes, the US has problems, but Donald Trump is the second step to solving the problems there. Americans recognised and admitted that there was a problem in the first place, and voted to fix them. All the Kiwi Newscaster can do now is to show their Politically-Correct disdain for American solving their problems, which the average Kiwi cannot nor will not do for fear of reprisals from their own countrymen!

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28 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – Hated American

  1. I will acknowledge my “right wing” predilections before I comment. Tim Neal might actually be right that most New Zealanders are liberal in the American sense of the definition rather than the European. However, this left wing weltanschauung reflects the average Kiwi’s freeloader tendencies rather than some innate altruism. The social safety net in New Zealand is broken in large part due to the high number of freeloaders versus producers. The producers amongst the Kiwis have all left overseas.

    I once described New Zealanders as a left wing version of the yahoos who watch FOX News in the US. They have a superficial yet extremely opinionated view of things based on ignorance. Just watch New Zealand news to see the level of stultification and the distorted view of the world (i.e. every other place suffers from terrorism, but we are all safe in NZ). The reality is that a drunk Kiwi yahoo in New Zealand is much more likely to kill you driving a car than a terrorist or mass shooter in the USA or Europe is.

    E2NZ is right that Kiwis have an utter indifference to most things. They are generally an apathetic bunch that have no sense of right and wrong.

  2. I strongly disagree with many of the generalizations in this post, but deeply respect the writer’s right to do so. Even though I despise Trump, I applaud e2nz.org for following through with this post.

  3. At least you figured this stuff out relatively quickly ,many of us hang around wondering what we are dong wrong and question our own ability to fit in,you are especially correct regarding the horrible women here most of the including the women in my family are completely insane ,vicious ,vindictive ,cowardly ,jealous ,gossiping misfits .My own sister has single handedly destroyed our entire family cohesion just for her own entertainment and with the hope of achieving financial gain .aknowledge that you are sane and that nothing in this place is founded on honesty ,truth or basic human values and get the hell out of here.

    • And they are all perpetually miserable and forever whining about how their lives aren’t what they want them to be. I walked out my flat yesterday to go to the ‘dairy’ for a can of coke, and some dickhead in an SUV was blocking the path because she was parked on it and the driveway entrance, leading up to the block of flats. As I walked past I looked at her as she had her window undone, and she had the foulest, nastiest look on her face like she was about to assassinate someone.

      She looked like she was sucking lemons big time.

      • Not if your goal is to attempt to destroy your siblings reputations and credibility and make off with every bodies inheritance however I do agree about lack of financial opportunity in N.Z ,I’m still spending money I earned in the U.S four years ago .

        • The women here are definitely worse than the men, but trust me this kind of thing happens in every family across all nationalities and creeds, including my own family. Women tend to be greedier than men, more cunning/manipulative and will go out of their way to sabotage lifelong relationships for their own gain at the expense of destroying their entire families. Men are generally better at saving, money management, being diplomatic and they are more content with living as minimalists. Women have manipulated men since the beginning of time, the only difference now is most men have been too emasculated via feminist ideology and the legal system to reclaim their masculinity. I refuse to associate with most women because I simply don’t have the time, patience, tolerance or energy to put up with their cliques, catty behaviour, lust for status/material gain and their manipulative behaviour — the best way to live in NZ is definitely as a hermit, less drama and less complication. It’s more rewarding to earn/win something fairly on the merits of your own hard work than to simply manipulate a man to get what you want.

  4. WOW! Well written, true and informative (for those who haven’t realised what a blood and life sucking leach New Zealand and it’s people are). I am a New Zealander – although I love my country, the same things bother me. I am not a denialist, that’s why I have wall to wall 1.8m security fencing all around my section. I’d rather not go out into the mental traffic and unfriendly supermarkets any more than I have to – besides, if I don’t go out driving, I don’t have to see all the filthy pollution in the rivers and roads of this Clean, Green and Friendly, crime filled country and I don’t have to listen to the distant racist snarking directed at others from a distance. What it used to be in the 60s qnd 70s though, is not much different from what it is now. Here’s what New Zealand was like back then. I wrote this piece based on personal experience and it has been published.

    • Great story, I really enjoyed it. It’s good to read about what life in NZ was like in the past so younger disenfranchised generations have something to compare their modern day struggles with. I share your anti-feminist sentiments too, unfortunately we are indoctrinated with these values from a very young age via the education system and by the time we realise the damage it does to both women and men, it’s too late. Second & Third Wave Feminism is weaponised statist propaganda disguised as an egalitarian women’s liberation movement designed to create more dysfunctional families to generate more revenue for politicians and social welfare system to continue increasing bureaucracy and introducing more oppressive legislation.

    • Yes interesting how military bases are located in hell hole towns in N.Z however not elsewhere ,ever been to San Diego? ,military town and sweet place to live ,I grew up not far from Waioru on a sheep farm ,I worked in National Park and surrounding areas so I know you know freezing.

      • NZ is a social experiment nightmare gone wrong. If Chch wasn’t the gateway to Antarctica I wouldn’t have a clue as to why else they would want to place any military bases here. We have Pine Gap, CIA HQ in the South Pacific. I have never been to the US, but I know there are many White Hats in the US military who are genuinely on the side of the people and not the 1% of corporate, fascist, money hungry scum.

  5. Maybe NZ being one of the most irreligious countries in the world has its drawbacks…. Maybe its cursed…. it appears to be in some ways spiritually very poor.

    • As an atheist I disagree completely that religion somehow makes a person more moral. My own experience is it is the complete opposite. The less religious a person is, the more they have to take responsibility for their own actions. A short trip through history reveals very clearly that religion and morality have no correlation whatsoever.

      • I remember the incarceration stats for the USA showed that religious people were more likely to be imprisoned. But statistics and lies be damned, many of the religious people I bump into in Auckland seem pretty nice to deal with….
        It just makes sense? You spend lotsa time learning to be god/good, and you worry you will be judged by an invisible man in the sky….. it just seems to make sense that religious peeps should be cleaner living, not screwed over by drink and drugs, moderate eaters [many are vegetarians by religion], it just follows, dont it?
        Except for holy ways and crusades, social exclusion, shunning and excommunication….. suppression of womens rights…. foreskin and clitoris mutilation….. dumbing down and uncritical thinking….. I guess no ones perfect, even ‘gods’ laws!

        • I know only one religious person in Auckland, a baptist lay minister. he’s currently doing 10 years in Paremoremo for kiddy fiddling and on release will be for life on the pedo register.
          He wrote to me recently seeking my forgiveness and telling me he’d sort the forgiveness of his imaginary friend and had received it. I wrote back and told him to come visit on release and I’d give him my forgiveness off the end of my fists. This is the same man who referred to all people of color as criminals and told my partner of 28 years, and I we would go to hell for living unwed and in sin.
          Yet at the same time I know 100’s of Atheists in Auckland and not a single one is a pedo, not done time in prison, many have not even had a parking ticket. They are all without fail generous, warm and welcoming people.

      • Yes, Greek philosophers refuted the idea that religion is necessary for morality 2400 years ago. Some religions promote bigotry, social division and certainly, hypocrisy.

    • Hey Admin, that was in No way an attack.

      I stated that the man is foolish.

      I am playing the ball.

      As stated he makes claims about NZ which even though I’m not a fan are well out of order. he then goes into some rant from the ‘anti-vaccer” brigade which has zero to do with NZ, Vaccines are not made in NZ the majority are US made, and frankly, the link between vaccination and autism have been debunked by science o many times.
      he longs for a return to the states and his Man trump- which he is welcome to along with the ‘alt-right’ as they like to be called or fascist as the rest of us call them.
      That alone is a good indication that his whole personality and manner would simply not have been a good fit in a liberal and open community (in the main) which NZ is.

      So you want to talk “play the ball and not the man” same damn thing applies to the witer of this article.

      playing the ball is getting facts clearly stated and not launching into some tin-foil brigade tirade and ‘alt-right’ diatribe.

      • Your effort to argue is understandable. The only thing is that this man and other migrants are able to compare. Perhaps think about this: He made an effort to contribute to NZ and realised his disappointments as shown before. People have no prejudices against Nz, so it’s not the migrants fault that they share their thoughts about your ‘great country’. If you have lived overseas and are honest in your heart you will agree in what you read before.

        • I said ‘liberal and open’ in the MAIN.

          and the mainstream of NZ is liberal and fair & open.

          You attribute the actions of politicians to the people, the majority of those I know where less than pleased in the way the NZ govt kowtowed to the US Hollywood moguls and FBI/CIA over dotcom, deplore the illegal surveillance and certainly were not happy with the treatment of Hagar by the right wing media such as Whale oil and others.

        • 1; as stated in my deleted / banned apparent adhom attack, not my country, not even where I wish to remain, NZ has many faults and just as many pluses.
          but his attacks on the NZ medical community via claims of causing illness to his child via vaccinations is an outright and dangerous conspiracy theroy.
          His love of the ‘alt-right’ that is the trump would clearly define his manners and attitude as one that a majority of NZers would find unacceptable.

          So shoot me for having an opinion you don’t agree with, or if you prefer take to twitter I hear its the new avenue for taking to outrage in a public venue.

          • The post has parallels to an old friend of mine. I almost wondered if it was him except he has already left Christchurch and returned to the USA with his Kiwi wife and autistic child. My friend was getting very upset by the anti American rhetoric in NZ. He was always getting singled out at work as the go to American to have a go at for any grievance about US foreign policy etc. However, I would be surprised if he has morphed into a Trump supporter. I haven’t heard from him for a couple of years and am sure this isn’t the same person but can certainly see how an American would not feel welcome and this could cause a lot of resentment towards NZ.

        • again I said in the main.
          One can vote for John Key and his govt and still be liberal, as one can vote for labour and still be racist and a biggot. Key was at best very centrist and held in check some of the worst of the less moderate right wing in the party. *NB – I did not vote in any election for the National party.
          But in the main most people in NZ are liberal, even once you scratch the surface of rural NZ and get beyond the rugby & Beer culture you’ll find most are accepting of the LGBT community, immigrants and people of alternative lifestyles.

      • [Ad hom attack deleted]

        Allowing, and yes I say it again,[ad hom attack deleted] to spout anti-vaccer crap is disingenuous.

        My plans, totally f**ked up by my countrymen on the 23rd of June

      • Please don’t make the incorrect statement that NZ is a ‘liberal’ country. If you venture outside of the city limits you will disappoint yourself, hugely.

        To put this into perspective, the schools in my region had a coordinated mock election in 2014 and NZFirst won with 78% of the votes after local MPs put forward their arguments as to why the high schools students should vote for them. Green was about 2% and Labour sat at just over 5 if I remember correctly

        tl;dr don’t presume to say we are all liberals because the truth of the matter is buy in large we are more rightof centre.

        • Much of the polling for some of the most controversial legislation that has passed in the last several years has been COUNTER to a majority of NZers.

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