Boil Water Notice Reinstated for Kaikoura Suburban Water Supply


People are again being advised to boil water in quake hit Kaikoura

If you’re planning to visit the Kaikoura region please be sure to check to see if you need to boil your water.


Kaikoura Civil Defence posted this advice on Facebook 10 Jan 2017

Kaikoura Civil Defence issued the above advice about 3 hours ago, echoing information released by Innovative Waste Kaikoura. There appears to be no information on the IWK website, neither is there any reason given why water should be boiled again.

However, the Kaikoura District Council’s web site did say that the boil water notice notice has been lifted for the following water supplies;

• Kincaid
• Ocean Ridge
• Kaikoura Township

more information here

The boil water notice had been previously lifted just before Christmas on December 23, at which time:

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, Dr Ramon Pink, warned people holidaying in the coastal town to keep  checking their water was safe to drink after the November 14 earthquake caused contamination to water supplies.

People staying at houses that had not been occupied since the earthquake should also inspect water pipes and tanks for damage, he said.

To remove untreated water from a system, open all taps and run the water for 10 minutes…source

Tourism is still adversely affected by the quakes:

Boat Ramps and use of sewers during rainfall events

KDC also gave out the following public health information


The sewer is still vulnerable to rainfall and aftershocks and will remain this way for some time. When these events occur there should be absolutely minimal use of the network, so the contributions from the water supply into the sewer network need to be reduced.

We’d like to thank all residents who have been restricting their water usage. Your co-operation has been appreciated. If you are back for a short time, please try to protect our environment.

Boat ramps

Due to damage the access to these is reduced while work is occurring. As the nature of the reinstatement work will change on a day to day basis; signs will be on site informing of directions on which ramps can be use. Please be aware that the water channels have changed and that you need to closely observe the new position of shoals and rock outcrops .

The latest updates on the recovery process are available here or latest on our Facebook page