Havelock North, Struck Down by Contaminated Water Supply, Is Sent Contaminated Tankered Water by the Council

Some say New Zealand's water is third world

Some say New Zealand’s water is third world

Can it really get any worse, what century are we in?

Havelock North, the town where up to 3,000 people have been madesick from drinking water contaminated with Campylobacter, was sent a tanker of contaminated water to drink – from the local council. Presumably this is the same council that made the decision not to chlorinate the town’s water supply for the last 15 years or so?

The New Zealand town where thousands of people have been affected by gastro due to a contaminated water supply have been told to dump emergency supplies of free water supplied by the council because it has tested positive for E coli.

Last week thousands of residents of the small North Island town of Havelock North fell seriously ill after the town’s water supply was contaminated with campylobacter – suspected to be the result of animal faeces in the water.

Since the outbreak last Thursday 841 people went to local GPs with gastro symptoms and 91 to the emergency department at Hawke’s Bay district hospital. More than a dozen people remain in hospital due to the contaminated water, one in intensive care…source

3 thoughts on “Havelock North, Struck Down by Contaminated Water Supply, Is Sent Contaminated Tankered Water by the Council

  1. New Zealand IS third world, with a leader desperately masking it to look like modern. UN WHO (World Health Organization) has since long classified our health system as just third world, below Cuba. The Chinese say, “Clean – Green – Pure” –is it, 1080, botulism, contamination with fertilizer, polluted lakes and streams, people living in cars, hungry children, old people living in poverty, media lying, whole town poisoned, water tankers poisoned, and we are buying food from these people, how can we trust them – we cant.

    • Nail on the head there,N.Z had been well looked after by the previous Labour govt ,warts and all.
      The people of this country were not ready for the rapid implementation of the John Keys Neoliberalisation policies.Most Kiwis still don’t understand the permanent damage that their gutless apathy has brought about and as you mention the N.Z environement is completely unsuitable to John Keys new world order ,Keys spin Drs can only put so many band aids on the bullet wounds .In the mean time many people who have become very wealthy by asset stripping and exploiting the delicate balance of this tiny country,all why the elected leader John Key feigns concern and acts as though all the developing social and environemental problems are just part of the modern world and completely beyond govt control.

  2. As if things aren’t bad enough in Hawkes Bay with regard to the water causing gastroenteritis for thousands, it has now been revealed that Christchurch has has problems with E-Coli on at least 14 occasions. Clean and green looks pretty polluted and poisoned now, doesn’t it! Time for New Zealand to stop lying to the world and confessing it’s serious pollution problems. Just for the record – I live in Christchurch and I only use bottled and boiled water and have for quite some time. Our water supplies have been chlorinated at times since the earthquakes since shit is poured into our main river, The Avon and it gets into the local water because of broken pipes. Here’s a new logo for Kiwiland: “New Zealand – Don’t drink the water!”

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