“What’s a harsh truth about New Zealand, for Kiwi people?”

Discussion from reddit New Zealand's staunch supporters of the E2NZ model.

Discussion from reddit New Zealand’s staunch supporters of the E2NZ model.

The above question was asked on reddit New Zealand. Here’s some of the answers from “Kiwi people”

yourderogatory (3 points)
“Few thing’s that grind my gears about kiwi’s though that being said i am in a bad mood after coming back from an oversea’s trip.

  1. Kiwi’s just don’t get shit done, most issues in new zealand could be solved by a group with slightly more effort. However kiwi’s rarely will group up to solve an issue especially in a company out of fear of the boss not liking them anymore. Then complain about how shitty a boss they have.
  2. All the bosses are fucking Baby boomers, It’s so rare to see a company owned by any gen that’s not baby boomers. Start a fucking company for Christ sake its literally the easiest place in the world to do so for tax breaks and its like $150 to set up a company. Sure life will be hard for like 2 or 3 years but isn’t that better then working under some cunt who will treat you like a robot instead of a human being for the rest of your life? Baby boomers are literally the worst bosses.

  3. One of the most boring places in the world, and people complain about it constantly being boring. Yet nobody want’s to be interesting for fear of being called different.

  4. Tall poppy syndrome and on the other side absolute complete fucking dickery/arrogance to escape it. The only way to be successful in NZ to escape the tall poppy syndrome it seems is to be a complete asshole. There’s nobody who I’ve seen who has managed to balance this successfully in NZ without being vilified on either side of the spectrum. All your bosses and leaders are dicks because they have to be, but everyone else is to blame as well for the complete lack of support for their own communities success. Don’t get jealous when someone is winning get excited and competitive, they obviously know something you don’t so why not befriend them and learn that lesson.

there’s a lot more but i think its more personal then relevant, rant done.”

outtathaway (14 points)
“We pretend we aren’t racist. We pretend we are clean and green. We pretend we have a strong economy. We pretend the homeless don’t exist. We pretend our mental health problems don’t exist. We pretend the unemployment rate represents unemployment. We pretend we are hard workers.”

citizen_pip (5 points)
“People have always said that kiwis are a laid back, relaxed people. What this really translates as is lazy, ambitionless and complacent. If we we’re truly “Laid back” we wouldn’t be topping ourselves in record numbers, medicating 20% of our population at any one time and panicking that the current generation of 20 – 30 year olds will never be able to call a slice of the world their own.”

“Finch58 (3 points)
Imo it’s that a lot of kiwis have little ambition beyond the 3 b’s. The layed back attitude is great but it does get taken too far sometimes. On a different note, when it comes to sportsmanship kiwis are very quick to pat themselves on the back at how great they are at it. Matter of fact we’re no better than everyone else, head to any sporting event and you won’t struggle to hear abuse towards players/fans and the officials. Take Wayne Barnes for example.”

Larroux (5 points)
“Our current government has 0 interest in social issues, housing issues, environmental issues or anything else. Its 100% a business to them, and if they get their coffers full, then the PM can retire gracefully, earning 500K a year for the rest of his life.”

Grotskii_ (1 point)
“All entirely true. We complain when Maori get given back less than they’ve had stolen from them. Environmental standards allow degrading of the environment. We are a primary economy, we’re lucky we have product to sell. If the stats are true 1/10 are considered homeless. To get mental health care you have to try kill yourself or hope your doctor refers you for an appointment in 3 months time. Every time the unemployment figure is about to come out, Winz pushes people off to programs where they aren’t included in the official figure. We aren’t wage slaves, why work harder when the risk of losing the job is.”

Madjack66 (31 points)
“Many of our waterways are filled with cow shit. There’s a dark and violent side to NZ society.”

Grotskii_ (16 points)
“The clean green image is only a visual thing, environmentally we are filthy. Even Nationals water standards allow a nice clean river to be degraded, as long as it still meets the low standard.”

voy1d (39 points)
“New Zealanders get really defensive when presented with cold hard facts and need to be given feedback in a way that is mollycoddling them.”

ycnz (19 points)
“Hi, Could you please rephrase this in a way that blames immigrants instead of us? Cheers, NZHerald Reader.”

FLICK-CLINT (48 points)
“That young people in Auckland have no realistic hope of owning a house here, and it’s spreading through the country.”

Spartaness (11 points)
“The fact that if you’re a couple both on $40K salaries, you’re better off than 64% of the country yet you couldn’t even think about looking for a house in any of the four big cities. Mortgages cripple people. Also, international flights and shipping cost way too much but that’s probably a bit fluffier than you’re looking for.”

MauveHariboBear (32 points)
“New Zealand is poor. Income is low and taxes are high. We barely qualify as a first world nation in some districts. We aren’t anywhere near as egalitarian as we say we are. New Zealand is used as an example of a true neo liberal economy when teaching economics is America. Think about that for a second…”

Dead_Rooster (67 points)
“We have appalling rates of domestic violence and child abuse.”

Theysaywhatnow (17 points)
“And in a not so wonderful link our rate of Fetal Alchohol Syndrome is through the roof.”

Discofunk_ (10 points)
“Don’t forget teen suicide! We’re number one!”

bobdaktari (27 points)
that we’re not a small country our population isn’t tiny either we’re average in both – we don’t punch above our weight, we are average acheivers

chewmacheck (7 points)
“Yes. We have a similar population to countries like Ireland, Singapore, Denmark and Norway, all who have arguably achieved more than NZ on the whole (science, literature, sports, economy etc) in the last century. 100% average”

5 thoughts on ““What’s a harsh truth about New Zealand, for Kiwi people?”

  1. Hard truths: Your quality of life is basically shit compared to the rest of the first world. Compared to any other first world nation, the choice of food, furniture, clothes, white goods/electronics available to you is terrible and the prices are sky high. This is *not* because you are a small, remote country, it’s because your own “proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated” businesses are nailing you to the wall, and you are too beaten down emotionally and intellectually to be able to stop them.

    Almost anywhere else in the developed world your housing would be considered so bad as to be either *illegal*, or at the very least receive state assistance to upgrade them to what the rest of the developed world considers acceptable minimums for human habitation. The sheer amount of damp and cold in Kiwi homes is scary – I was and still am genuinely worried for some of my Kiwi (mostly islander, but also some pakeha) friends there, several of whom suffered from serious repository health issues, almost certainly as a result of the housing conditions. Yes, you get some bad homes in Europe, but in NZ these are the *norm* and considered completely *acceptable*.

    You are *not* an egalitarian paradise. You never were, but Rogernomics made things 100x worse, and Rogernomics never went away. Successive governments of your homeland have privatised, corporatised, and “user pays” their way to one of the most impoverished, unequal and socially static societies in the developed world.

    For all the talk about the benefits lifestyle, the social security net in Kiwistan is so frayed as to be non-existent. In the highly unlikely event you were unable to save thousands of dollars from your part-time minimum wage job in Auckland before you became unemployed – you are as good as dead. All of NZ politics is fanatical, so absolutely wedded to it’s extremist neo-liberal ideology that the entire country is blind to the utter destruction that it has wilfully imposed upon itself – from the near total collapse of infrastructure, to the plain to see yet still pitiful decay of the urban fabric, to environmental destruction, to the unravelling of any meaningful society into a dog eat dog dystopian race to the bottom. None of this was inevitable. None of this was due to being a small, remote country. None of this was due to foreigners. It was self inflicted.

    All this makes me sad – and angry – because I *don’t* hate NZ. I *do* like the people, and I do like the scenery. NZ could be, and deserves to be, so much better. Her people deserve better.

  2. Yeah but that’s all been that way since for ever. For fucks sake we were saying that in the 80s and our parents before that… Well mine at least. But guess what, Compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere in the world our problems are like our country, like our influence in the world … Fucking small by comparison. Our biggest problem is thinking we’re more important than we are … Sort of an English disease.

  3. Absolutely average [maybe a bit below] as far as; standards of living, work ethic…
    Excelling when it comes to low wages, bad bosses, crappy housing, expensive everything…

  4. Very good points ,seems as though the message is getting out ,maybe in the next couple of years Kiwis might start addressing the problems ,no hurry mate.lets not forget that N.Z is a very cold country ,one of the closest land masses to the South Pole,yet our electricity prices/heating costs are outrageous by international standards,this despite the fact that our renewable energy generators were built and paid for by our forebears in the 1970 s to bad our corrupt governments felt it was O.K to sell the generators to multinational companies and give them the secret handshake to guarantee they could charge extorshinate prices to our freezing cold apathetic sheeple.

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