What Kiwis Say About NZ: “As a 23 year old, why I want to leave New Zealand”


A million kiwis live overseas…think about it…

Thinking about moving to New Zealand? Read what the locals think about the place if  you’re craving a “lifestyle change”.

Be careful what you wish for, sometimes the lifestyle you already have may be worth working on. Relocating to New Zealand probably won’t fix much, and could leave you regretting more than a drop in income, and dismal career prospects

Here’s some of the reasons why there are less than 5 million Kiwis living in a country larger than Britain, and more than a million live overseas. First published on reddit:

As a 23 year old, why I want to leave New Zealand

A typical weekday through the eyes of a 23 year old Aucklander:

  • Get out of bed in the morning and its freezing cold because the house is uninsulated.
  • Get into the car and a commute that’s suppose to take 40 mins takes 1 hour. Today it takes 1 hour 10 mins due to an accident on the motorway.
  • I am late for my meeting with my boss. She understands why I was late. I explain my proposals to her ,she agrees with them but told me not to proceed and keep my head down. She’s been with the company for 9 years in the same position. If the system aren’t broken,why fix it, “she’ll be alright”.
  • During lunch time a 35 year old colleague is talking about how drunk she got on Saturday night and how she banged some guy,this week it’s in the bathroom of some bar in Ponsonby. The 40+ year olds are talking about Myfoodbag vs Bargain Box, taking the kids to Motat, redoing the bathroom tiles, eating at this new restaurant in Mt Eden.
  • Like every other day, I finish work 2 hours late, there’s no such thing as overtime pay.
  • It took 1 hour 30 mins to get home because it has started raining heavily.
  • The house is cold, mouldy and some places are rotting. This is as much as I can afford to rent on my “white collar” income. I wonder when I will be able to afford a house,probably never.
  • My flatmate is drunk and has passed out on the couch, this time he’s pissed himself on the couch and there’s unwashed dishes all over the kitchen.
  • It’s been 17 months and there’s still no fibre down this shared driveway.
  • I go on Tinder and 5 out of 10 females only have photos (most involving them holding wine glasses) and no filled in bio. The other 5 out of 10 all seem to have a small child.
  • I logon Facebook,a friend from school just got engaged, someone just bought a house with his girlfriend and another friend from uni posts a photos from ultrasound scans.
  • I go to bed and its freezing cold because the house is uninsulated

While I have never lived overseas, surely there must be better quality of life out there

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